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12 Easy Ways How to Make a Gemini Man Chase You

how to make a gemini man chase you

Do you want to know how to make a Gemini man chase you? If so, you’re in luck!

Gemini men are known for being very charming and flirtatious. They love the thrill of the chase, and they enjoy being around someone who is challenging and keeps them on their toes.

When I dated a Gemini man in the past, I often felt like I was the one chasing him. This airy sign can be quite elusive and hard to pin down, which only added to my attraction.

But with a little effort and an understanding of the way the Gemini man worked, I was able to reverse the roles and make him chase me instead.

How can you tilt the scales in your favor with your new Gemini crush? Here are 12 easy ways how to make a Gemini man chase you:

  1. Flirt with him by complimenting him often
  2. Challenge him mentally and physically
  3. Be unpredictable and keep him guessing
  4. Be playful and fun
  5. Get him to laugh
  6. Add some unpredictability
  7. Intellectually stimulate him
  8. Be mysterious to keep him intrigued
  9. Make him feel needed and wanted
  10. Tease him to add a bit of tension
  11. Show him that you’re independent
  12. Work on a project together

If you can make a Gemini man feel like he’s chasing you, then you’re well on your way to capturing his heart. Read on to learn more about these essential tips.

12 Ways How to Make a Gemini Man Chase You

1. Flirt With Him by Complimenting Him Often

A Gemini man loves to be praised and admired, so shower him with compliments whenever you can. Compliment his intelligence, his wit, and the things that make him unique. Since he is an air sign, he loves being praised for his mental capacities.

Don’t be afraid to also compliment his kindness, good looks, and anything else that you find appealing. The more compliments you give him, the more he’ll want to chase you! Gemini men like it when women have the confidence to be vocal about what they like.

2. Challenge Him Mentally and Physically

Gemini men love a good challenge, so put your thinking caps on and give him a run for his money. Engage him in intellectually stimulating conversations, and try to outwit him. Gemini men are very quick-witted, so it won’t be easy!

Make sure to keep the competition light-hearted and fun, or you may end up turning him off. If you show him that you’re a sore loser, he won’t find it fun anymore.

Remember, Gemini men love to chase a challenge, but they really want a peaceful connection with their partner at the end of the day.

3. Be Unpredictable and Keep Him Guessing

Surprises keep the Gemini man on his toes and in a whimsical mood, which both lend themselves towards heating up a relationship.

Be unpredictable in your actions and words, and keep him guessing about what you’ll do or say next. This is especially true when it comes to time in the bedroom. Mix things up a bit and keep him guessing.

Make sure not to confuse this with being inconsistent, which can hurt your chances with a Gemini man.

For example, don’t tell him that you’re a fan going out to concerts and then turn down his invitation to go to one. This will make it hard for him to get a sense of how he should pursue you.

4. Be Playful and Fun

Gemini men are children at heart, so they love it when their partner can let loose and have some fun. Be playful with him, engage in silly banter, and make time for activities that you both enjoy. Gemini men are drawn to women who can make them laugh and feel at ease.

You can also invite him to events that remind him of being a kid again. This can include things like going to a theme park, playing mini-golf, or taking a walk in the park. Make sure to be explorative and have some fun together!

5. Get Him to Laugh

One of the quickest ways to a Gemini man’s heart is through laughter. He loves anything that is light-hearted and enjoyable. Make sure to engage him in activities that will make him laugh, such as telling jokes, being playful, or just having fun conversations.

Take some time to learn his style of humor. Does he appreciate dry humor? Is he more of a trickster? Once you know his sense of humor, you can start to work it into your interactions with him more naturally.

6. Add Some Unpredictability

Gemini men can be a bit restless. If they are going to chase a woman and commit for the long term, they need to know that there will be spontaneity in the relationship.

This can come in the form of outings, conversations, text messages, and other forms of communication. You can also give him a gift if you want to make him feel extra special.

Have some fun with your style and take some time to try on different types of outfits when you two meet up. Show him that you can dress up and down as the occasion requires. Gemini men are attracted to women who can let loose and have some fun!

Geminis are represented by the twins, so they appreciate it when people express many different sides of themselves.

Be sure to show him your different sides, such as being serious when needed and playful the rest of the time. The more varied you are, the more he’ll be drawn to you!

7. Intellectually Stimulate Him

Gemini men love to learn and be intellectually stimulated. If you can keep up with him mentally, he’ll definitely be drawn to you. Be prepared for some deep conversations!

Discuss things that interest both of you, read articles together, or watch documentaries. Gemini men are attracted to women who are intelligent and have a lot going on in their lives.

Make sure not to come across as condescending, however. If you think you’re too good for him, he’ll definitely pick up on it and lose interest. Just be yourself and let the relationship flow naturally.

8. Be Mysterious to Keep Him Intrigued

Although Gemini men prefer clear direct communication, you can definitely turn up the heat by being a little more mysterious. This will keep him intrigued and wanting more.

Avoid giving away all of your secrets at once. Instead, save some for later on in the relationship. Leave him wondering about you and what makes you tick. He’ll be drawn to you as he tries to figure you out.

This gives him space to fantasize and imagine all the different possibilities with you.

9. Make Him Feel Needed and Wanted

Gemini men are natural problem solvers since they are very social and intelligent. If they believe that they can help you with a problem, they will feel needed and wanted. This could give them the motivation needed to chase you in the relationship.

Show him that you need his help with something. This can be anything from needing advice on a work project to wanting help picking out a new outfit. He’ll love the feeling of being in control and helping you out. It also makes him feel as though he’s important in your life.

Make sure not to take advantage of him and only come to him when you need something. Gemini men can sense when someone is using them, so try to be genuine in your interactions with him.

Make sure that you offer him support in his life as well, and let him know that you’re there for him. Eventually, this balance of support will lead to a deeper connection and he’ll be more likely to chase you.

10. Tease Him to Add a Bit of Tension

It’s always fun to add a bit of tension into the relationship to keep the passion there. Gemini men love playful banter and enjoy it when you tease them. This will keep things interesting and make him want more.

Teasing your Gemini man lies somewhere between flirting, playing, and making a situation humorous. It gives him a chance to get curious about you and it lets you know that he’s interested.

Just be sure not to cross the line into being mean or insulting. If he feels like you’re attacking him, he’ll pull away.

Try playfully teasing him by making jokes about his interests or how he’s acting. For example, if he’s being a little too serious, you could say “relax, it’s just a game”. This will make him lighten up and see you as someone who can be fun and playful.

Of course, there is a fine line here. If your Gemini man feels that you are putting down his intelligence or his interests, he will not be happy. So be sure that your teasing is in good fun and you are respectful of him at all times.

Usually, if you let him know you’re kidding, he will understand that you’re being more flirtatious than anything else.

11. Show Him That You’re Independent

Gemini men are attracted to women who are independent and have their own lives. They don’t want a woman who is dependent on them for everything.

Be sure to do things independently and let him see that you’re capable of taking care of yourself. This will show him that you’re not needy and

12. Work On a Project Together

Gemini men are often creative people, and they are definitely collaborative. If the two of you have projects to look forward to, it also helps the relationship to have a sense of purpose.

Working on a project together can help to cement the relationship and bring you closer. Gemini men love working with others and are often very good at it.

It will give him a chance to show off his skills and make you proud. Plus, it’s just plain fun to work on something creative together.

Be sure to choose a project that you’re both very interested in pursuing. If you ask your Gemini man to do something that isn’t personally interesting to him, he won’t be as excited about it, and may even dread working on it.

You also don’t want to work on a project that is too difficult or challenging. It should be something that you can both do together and have a good time with.

Find something you can both get passionate about and dive in headfirst.

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Final Thoughts

Dating a Gemini man can be a lot of fun. This astrological sign is full of energy, intelligence, and creativity. If you want to make him chase you, be sure to do the things mentioned in this article.

These tips will help show him that you’re a catch and someone worth pursuing. Just remember to have fun with it and let the relationship flow naturally.

If you’re looking for a deeper connection with your Gemini man, be sure to check out Anna Kovach’s comprehensive guide Gemini Man Secrets. You will learn each step to take when it comes to understanding, attracting, and keeping a Gemini man.

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