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15+ Gifts for Aries Man – Choose The Perfect Aries Gift!

gifts for aries man

Here’s my review of the best gifts for Aries man.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it is ruled by the planet Mars. The Aries man always goes for what he wants, without fear or any doubts. They like to be in charge and they love taking risks – which is why you won’t find them waiting around for something to happen; they will make it happen instead!

You’ll want to make sure that you get them a gift that reflects their bold, fiery personalities. I have learned that Aries men appreciate gifts that are unique and special. They’re not always easy to buy gifts for, but we’ve got you covered with these awesome gifts!

My top choice gift for an Aries man is the Facebook Portal Touch Screen Device. Aries men love to be seen, socialize, and feel connected with the world around them. This device is the perfect way to keep them plugged in and in touch with loved ones.

I’ve found a gift that is perfect for every Aries man, whether it’s for his birthday, the holidays, or just because. Read on to find the perfect gift for your Aries man.

Best Gifts for Aries Man

Best Overall Gift: Facebook Portal Touch Screen Device

Aries men aren’t shy when it comes to being seen. The Facebook Portal Touch Screen Device is the perfect way for them to stay connected with friends and family. The light-up HD screen makes it a great gift idea, especially if you live far apart from one another.

It also comes with other Alexa-enabled features that will make his life easier. He can use it to access the internet, set alarms and timers, check news reports, weather forecasts – you name it.

Best Luxury Gift: Bulova Men’s Watch

Aries men think that they deserve the best in life, and many of them do! This high-end watch will make him feel like a million bucks when he wears it.

It’s made from stainless steel and has a modern design that looks good on any wrist size. It will be the perfect accessory to your Aries man’s outgoing personality.

Best Birthday Gift: Broadway Basketeers Deluxe Gift Basket

Many Aries men enjoy sweet foods since they love to indulge themselves. This basket is full of decadent treats that will be perfect for celebrating with friends and family members.

It’s overflowing with all kinds of delicious goodies. It includes truffles, chocolates, pastries, and more. It’s the perfect gift to share or to keep all to yourself.

Best Christmas Gift: Do Your Whiskey Infusion Kit

Aries men love a good drink as much as they love being the center of attention! This infusion kit will give him everything he needs to make his own alcoholic beverages from home. It’s perfect for those who have wanted to learn how to create unique flavors in their spirits.

Aries like simple and easy projects, so this is the perfect gift to give them during the holidays. He simply needs to add the alcohol to the spices and seasonings, set it, and forget it.

Best Valentine’s Day Gift: Ralph Lauren Men’s Microfiber Robe

Aries men are well-known for their natural confidence and they also love feeling comfortable in their own skin. This plush robe is perfect since it will make him feel like he has a second layer of skin!

It comes in the color red, which is a lucky color for this zodiac sign. It will help him to stand out while being in the comfort of his home. It’s a perfect addition to a romantic Valentine’s getaway as well.

Best Gift for an Aries Coworker: KINBATA Personalized Thank You Gifts for Him

Aries men love to feel appreciated and recognized in their professional lives, so this set will make them feel special. It’s a great way to thank your Aries coworker for all that he does, whether it’s for you or the company.

It comes with four different personalized tokens of appreciation, including a coffee tumbler, a multi-tool, a metallic pin, and a tag.

Best Sexy Gift: Custom Funny Face Boxer Shorts

This gift is a bit of a gag gift, but an Aries man won’t be too shy to wear boxers with his face printed all over them. As long as he has a sense of humor, he’ll have no problem putting these on at the right moment. He has a natural talent for converting playful, funny moments into long, passionate nights.

Other Gift Ideas

The Aries man is excited by many things, particularly the new and unknown. This means that there are plenty of other gifts in addition to my guide that he will love!

Party Gifts

  • A surprise party is a great idea for an Aries man. He will be delighted by the effort behind the party and will be happy to have a reason to dress up. Aries men love being around other people, so this is a great gift idea for him!
  • A cocktail-making kit is a great way to make sure your Aries man has hosting supplies on hand.
  • Your Aries man likely has a lot of energy, and this gourmet coffee sampler will help him to sustain it through any event.
  • Aries men love unique gadgets, especially ones that have to do with fire! This wood smoking gun is perfect for adding a bit of flavor to drinks and food at any gathering.

Comforting Gifts

Aries men are the babies of the zodiac because they are the first sign. They are also ruled by Mars, which means they have a fiery temper. This makes them sensitive and easily upset if things aren’t going according to plan or something disturbs their routine. Here are some gifts that will keep your Aries man calm and happy.

  • These self-care cards can help an Aries to calm down and have a moment of mindfulness when his mind won’t stop racing.
  • Sometimes these fire signs need to cool down with a bit of water. These aromatherapy shower steamers will provide instant stress relief.
  • Aries men aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. So if they need some extra support, get them this shirt so that they can let the world know.

Exciting Gifts

Aries men enjoy the thrill of life. Here are a few gifts that will bring them joy and excitement:

  • A GoPro camera is a perfect way for an Aries man to capture the adventurous moments that matter.
  • Ride a scooter around your neighborhood or down by the beach and have fun together!
  • A personalized flask is a great gift for an Aries since they’re always on the go. This one can be filled with his favorite drink, so he’s never without a buzz.
  • If your Aries man is extremely adventurous, consider taking him bungee jumping or sky diving.

DIY Gift Ideas

Aries men aren’t big on sentimental gifts, so you need to get creative if you want them to feel special. Here are a few ideas that will be sure to show him how much he means:

  • A DIY plant terrarium is perfect for an Aries man since he will take care of it and appreciate its uniqueness.
  • A commissioned portrait of your Aries man will show him that you see him in a different way than others do.
  • A custom scrapbook or photobook of your Aries man’s biggest accomplishments is the perfect way to capture his life and help him celebrate it.

Does an Aries Man Like Gifts?

Aries men not only like gifts, but they expect them! This sign feels entitled to gifts because it is the first sign of the zodiac. They overall prefer fun and novel gifts to practical and serious ones. This is because fun gifts match his energetic and fun-seeking personality.

Although an Aries man may seem a bit demanding when it comes to gifts, he’s actually just very self-confident. He has a strong sense of appreciation for the generosity of others.

He will appreciate gifts that support his lifestyle, make his life more fun, and help him to connect with other people. He is always looking for new experiences and interactions with others, so finding the perfect gift that will bring him joy is key.

Which Gifts to Absolutely Avoid for Aries Men

Aries men don’t like to be smothered or feel as if they are being judged, so avoid giving them gifts with these connotations. For example, if you have just started dating an Aries man and get him a gift that makes it seem like you are trying to win his affection, he will be turned off. He’s not interested in having another person try to control or change him. He has already made up his mind!

Aries men have a great sense of humor, so they appreciate gifts that make them smile and laugh. However, be careful not to get them a gift that is poking too much fun at them. They can be sensitive when it comes to their pride. For example, an Aries man would not appreciate a joke mug that makes fun of his competitive nature or tough exterior.

When an Aries Man Buys You Gifts

An Aries man will try to give you gifts that match your personality. He is actually very insightful and perceptive, so if he’s dating someone for a long time, he understands how they work. That being said, this sign does not like to be told what to do or buy and prefers giving his loved one their space (unless it is a special occasion).

If your Aries man is buying you gifts, chances are he knows what you like and will try to purchase it. However, if he buys something that doesn’t match who or how you are as a person, just be honest about it. He will appreciate your honesty and may even learn something new.

When an Aries man gives you a gift, you will feel like the center of the world. He is very generous and will always go out of his way to make sure you feel loved. All in all, your Aries man may be a bit demanding when it comes to gifts, but he means well and will do the best he can.


My favorite item for an Aries man is the Facebook Portal Touch Screen Device. It’s a perfect way for this fiery and outgoing man to stay plugged in and connected with the world around him. I love this gift because it is perfect for any occasion and practical as well.

With this guide to gift buying for an Aries man, you should have more than a few ideas for the next special occasion. Aries men are passionate and get excited when they receive a meaningful gift. Make sure you show them how much they mean to you with one of the choices above.

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