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Relationships can be messy. Believe me, I know all about it!

And that’s when you’ve already found your ‘perfect guy’. Finding him is a challenge on its own!

That’s why I started Zodiac Daters.

Zodiac Daters is aimed at helping women navigate the often troubled waters of dating, relationships, break ups, and sex.

Partly based on my own experiences and partly based on my deep dive into astrology.

Hi, I’m Sophia

I’m a 27-year-old Sagittarius, currently living in Belgium.

During my marketing studies, I had a fairly active dating life which continues to this day.

I don’t consider myself a head-in-the-clouds type of woman. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really believe in astrology at all.

Then, on one of my cry-and-tell-all sessions with a close friend after being cheated on, she asked me which zodiac sign I was.

At first, I got a bit upset. I was there for support, not for some nonsense advice from the stars. But when she pulled a small booklet about the Sagittarius from her bookshelf and started reading it to me, a lot of things started making sense.

  • It explained why guys generally feel I’m a flirt
  • How I ruined a close friendship when I bluntly shut down him opening up about his feelings
  • My obsession with freedom and personal space! That one really hit home!
  • My refusal to settle down. Well, I might at some point with the right guy.
  • My love for the chase, and the criticisms I got from men about ‘stringing them along’.

I was baffled…

And very, very intrigued! I wanted to get to the bottom of this so I started reading about zodiac signs like a madwoman.

I’m not a psychic or a medium. If you’re looking for those, I’ll be happy to refer you.

But I do want to share the knowledge I have gained with other women. Hopefully, it will help you avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made. Or, at least, understand why some things are and others aren’t meant to be.

Where to start?

If you know the zodiac sign of your crush, you might want to read up on some of his characteristics and habits.

If you are looking to see which zodiac man you are most compatible with, check out my zodiac compatibility guides here.

Alternatively, you can just browse the articles that I’ve written for the site here:

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