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How to Make a Libra Man obsessed with you?

how to make a Libra Man obsessed with you

You want to know how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, right? Well, it’s actually not that difficult. Libras naturally long for love and connection. They simply need a brave and confident woman that is willing to express their feelings.

A Libra man becomes obsessed with a woman when she is confident, kind-hearted, and caring. Since he is ruled by Venus, he also needs to be reminded of the beauty in life. Show him your inner and outer beauty and he will begin to care deeply for you.

Here are five ways that will help make him fall head over heels for you. Start by being yourself and follow the tips below!

How To Make a Libra Man obsessed with you and Win his Heart?

Unlike a Scorpio or Pisces, a Libra man isn’t that hard to decipher. All you need is the right attitude and his mind will be on you each and every day. He’s ruled by Venus so he needs to feel connected with you on an emotional level.

Here are some tried and true tips I’ve used to win over a Libra man and stay in his mind:

1. Keep Conversation Interesting and Flowing

Libras are highly attracted to intelligence, which is a characteristic of all air signs. Show him that you have a mind of your own. Be well-read and knowledgeable. Libras love when others are passionate about what they’ve learned. Many of them are nerdy and won’t mind you getting really into a topic.

Weave your stories into his whenever possible. Make sure that you keep the conversation flowing by asking him questions and relating personally to his answers.

Be careful not to sound like a broken record when talking about yourself. This is one thing that will turn this guy off. Since Libra men are very observant, they will notice everything. If you’re saying the same thing over and over again, they may think you’ve hit a conversational dead end.

He also needs to see your sense of humor, so make sure that you crack a few jokes here and there. You can poke a bit of fun at him, but make sure not to be too rude. Libra men are very sensitive and are easily offended. Use your best judgment when it comes to jokes — especially if you’re trying to get him hooked on you!

Keep the conversation balanced. Libra men enjoy listening as much as they do sharing. They may become disinterested if the conversation is too one-sided. You can do this by asking him questions, sharing stories of your own, and bringing up related topics to keep the conversation flowing.

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2. Compliment His Beauty and Grace

Libra men put a lot of time into their appearance. Not just physically, but also in the way they carry themselves. They are often perfectionists and want others to see them as such. This is due to the influence of Venus, the ruler of beauty, on this sign.

He won’t often mention how much effort he put into his looks, so you’ll need to keep your eyes open. Look for details such as a fresh haircut, new clothes, or stylish accessories.

When you compliment him on his style, you’ll notice that he’ll warm-up and may even flush a bit. This can throw a Libra man off, but in a way that will open him up and make him more vulnerable. He’ll remember your kind comment long after the meeting. This is a great way to plant a seed of interest in his mind.

This Libra man will also be noticing your beauty and grace, so don’t skimp on your own appearance. Put some effort into getting ready, and make sure that you smell good! Libras are very sensitive to scents. Wearing one of your signature smells will be a great way to capture his attention.

3. Show That You’re Confident

Libras tend to be very democratic and are experts at compromising. This is because air signs are very social. They always want to make sure that everyone feels included in the conversation. He doesn’t want to date someone who is taking up too much space, but he also doesn’t appreciate wallflowers.

To win a Libra man’s heart, you need to show him your inner strength and confidence. Tell him a story or two about something brave you’ve done in the past. Better yet, make a brave move when you’re hanging out together.

Once, while taking a walk with a Libra, I wowed him by climbing up a ladder to get onto an abandoned fire truck. I was afraid of heights but knew that if I didn’t do it, he’d think less of me.

I’m not saying you need to be reckless or crazy in order for him to like you, but showing your inner strength will keep him interested and curious as to what is coming next.

Libras are very confident themselves, so they will respect your courage and independence. He’ll also be more inclined to open up when he sees that you’re self-assured and may do something daring or brave in response!

4. Seek Fairness in the Relationship

Libras are represented by the scales, which are also symbolic of balance. They want to make sure that they’re being fair to both themselves and you, so it’s important that you give as much as you plan on receiving.

You might be a person who is used to doting on someone to show you like them. However, with Libra men, this may make them uncomfortable. They want to know that you can support yourself and don’t live to respond to their every need.

On the other hand, if they go out of their way for you in some way (such as by buying your favorite dessert), make sure to thank them. Keep this gesture in mind and try to repay them when you can.

Reciprocation is the key here. While a transactional relationship will feel too stiff for a Libra, they are attracted to a person who they can treat others the same way they can.

5. Find Teaching and Growth Opportunities

Libras are naturally attracted to pleasure, beauty, and relaxation. However, if they live in these areas forever, they’ll stagnate and become bored.

The Libra man experiences the most growth in a relationship when pushed out of their comfort zone. Earth and fire signs won’t have any problem with this. As a Sagittarius, I find it easy to bring people out of their shells.

For those of you that aren’t as comfortable as I am with pushing people, here are some tips:

  • Start a project together. Structure, accountability, and a deadline will help both of you to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Take a class together. If you have the same taste in interests, this will be a great way to bond.
  • Learn about something you know your Libra man loves. Then teach it to him. He will appreciate having a fresh perspective on something he already loves.
  • Volunteer together. A Libra man will be grateful for the chance to make a difference in the community.

If you keep these 5 tips in mind, a Libra man will find you more interesting as well as compatible with his personality.

A note of caution, do not push this man too hard. Libra men don’t like to be rushed by others, and this can be a fine line. Frequent check-ins and regular communication will let you know when he’s getting too uncomfortable with your suggestions and prompts.

What Keeps Libra Men Interested?

When you want to make a Libra man obsessed with you, it’s important that you try to keep him interested long-term. This can be a bit of a challenge because Libras are turned off by clinginess and like to be as free as the wind.

Instead of trying to see him every single day or being overly needy, try to keep his interest by being creative and original.

If you see his interest waning, introduce him to a new part of yourself. You can share a new hobby, life dream, or hidden talent. This will make him want to know more about you and keep your relationship alive.

Don’t forget that Libras are looking for fairness in the relationship, so don’t be afraid to give as much as you receive. If this balance doesn’t continue, he’ll be looking to move on.

Libras want everything they do to have a deep meaning, including romantic relationships. Ask yourself what a meaningful relationship means for you. Then share this with your Libra man. He will be excited to learn more about how he can be a part of your journey.

Do Libras Fall in Love Quickly?

Absolutely! Libras are known to fall in love very fast, which is great news if you want him to become obsessed with you. His mind is very imaginative and the influence of Venus makes him see love and passion everywhere. This means he will pick up on your flirting and gestures right away.

When you’re talking to him, it can help to include a bit of sexy talk because he will find this very alluring. Keep in mind that Libras are ruled by the element air, so words have power for them. If they hear you say something sensual, their imagination will go wild with possibilities.

Also, try not to bring up past relationships if you want their feelings to grow quickly. This can turn him off because he wants to experience something new with you and get swept up in the romance. If he’s reminded of how another person has robbed him of that chance before, it’s unlikely that this relationship will get very far.

The best way to tell how a Libra man feels is by asking him. He is a wordsmith and appreciates it when others listen to his thoughts and feelings. It’s unlikely that he won’t tell you how he feels, so don’t be afraid to ask for a more detailed explanation.

Final Thoughts

Libras are naturally understanding and accepting people who try to see the best in others. As long as they know you’re acting authentically and with good intentions, they will be eager to get close and spend time with you.

Remember that he longs to be in a healthy and loving relationship. If you want to make a Libra Man obsessed with you, show him that there is nothing more important than your love and happiness together.

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