How to Make a Taurus Man Regret Losing You

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how to make a taurus man regret losing you

It can be heartbreaking when a Taurus man ends a relationship. He’s romantic and dependable seeming at first, but when he’s made up his mind to end things, he’s done. It feels like being hit by a truck – suddenly and without warning.

But even though your Taurus man may be giving you an icy exterior, he has a big heart inside. And if you had a genuine connection in the first place, there are definitely ways how to make a Taurus man regret losing you.

I’ll share 12 ways that you can open up his heart again and shed the stubbornness that’s common with Taurus guys. Who knows, he may even come running back to you once you’ve shown him how valuable the relationship really was.

Key Takeaways

  • To make a Taurus man regret losing you, give him some space, apologize for what went wrong, stay single for a while, and maintain a positive relationship with mutual friends.
  • Working on your health and well-being, offering to help him out, showing your support regardless of the situation, and sharing your excitement about your future can make him regret the breakup.
  • Being honest about how you’re feeling, maintaining your social media presence, and letting him know how you’re feeling can lead him to rethink his decision.
  • It’s possible for a Taurus man to come back after a breakup, but it often takes time, patience, and maintaining a cordial relationship with him.

How to Make a Taurus Man Regret Losing You

1. Give Him Some Space

When a Taurus man ends a relationship, he needs time to process what’s happened. It can be tempting to try and talk things out with him right away or to try and win him back, but that’s not what he needs.

The Taurus is ruled by the bull, a slow and steady creature that doesn’t like to be rushed into decisions. So if you try to convince him to stay together or regret losing you, it may end up pushing him even further away.

Instead, give him some space to come to terms with what’s happened. He’ll see this as a sign of respect, and will also see you as an independent person who can survive without him.

This is an attractive quality to a Taurus man, and may just be the thing that makes him regret losing you.

2. Apologize to Him For What Went Wrong

The Taurus zodiac sign is known as fixed, which means that he’s not the type to forgive and forget easily. So if you want him to regret losing you, it’s important that you take responsibility for your role in what went wrong.

This doesn’t mean that you should take all the blame – but it does mean apologizing for anything that you may have done to contribute to the end of the relationship.

Making a Taurus man feel validated in his experience and feelings can help him to let down his guard and realize he isn’t in a fight with you. These small actions can go a long way in making him regret losing you.

3. Give Him Something That Reminds Him of You

When a Taurus man breaks up with someone, he usually doesn’t have much to say, but he’s still carrying around a lot of emotions.

These feelings can be triggered by things that remind him of the relationship, which is why it’s important to give him something that will help him remember the good times.

This could be a gift, a letter, or even just a simple text message. The key is to make sure that it’s something genuine and heartfelt that will touch him on an emotional level.

If executed well, this can be an influential way to make a Taurus man second-guess his decision to break up with you.

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4. Stay Single For a While

Dating another man right after splitting up with your Taurus guy will nail the coffin shut on any chance you have of getting back together.

The Taurus man is an incredibly jealous person, and he won’t be able to stand the thought of you with someone else.

This will only make him resentful and push him further away from you. It will also make him think that you were never really that into him in the first place.

Instead, give yourself some time to heal before jumping into another relationship. A pause is good for you anyway, especially if you still have feelings for your Taurus man. Sometimes, single life will help you to sort out what’s best to do next.

5. Offer to Help Him Out

Nothing can make a Taurus man regret losing you more than seeing how helpful of a person you are in his life. If you’re on talking terms, you can offer to help him out with something that he’s struggling with.

This could be anything from helping him move to offering him some practical advice on a work project. You can also offer him supportive words such as “I know you’ve got this.” or “You always succeed when you put your mind to something, so I believe in you.”

He’ll be blown away by your willingness to help, and will start to realize how much he took you for granted when you were together.

Doing something nice for him will also make him feel obligated to be a positive influence in your life as well. Taurus men like to feel useful and needed, so this can be a very effective way to make your Taurus ex want to be a part of your life again.

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6. Work on Your Health and Well-being

Nothing helps a broken heart heal after a breakup like physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. And it just so happens that your Taurus ex is also attracted to these qualities.

So, if you want to make him regret losing you, start working on your health and well-being. This means eating healthy foods, getting regular exercise, and spending time doing things that make you happy.

It also means taking care of your mental and emotional health by journaling, meditating, or seeing a therapist. As you work on healing yourself, your Taurus man will notice. He wants to be with a woman who is always growing, and it will drive him crazy that he’s not along for the ride.

7. Nurture Your Relationship With Mutual Friends

Taurus men are deeply connected to their friends and family, and your relationship with them will determine your value to your Taurus ex. So, if you want to make him regret losing you, start by nurturing your relationship with his friends and family.

This means being friendly and supportive, without being too clingy or needy. You should also avoid talking badly about him in front of them, as this will only make them see you in a negative light.

Instead, focus on the positive things about your relationship, and how much you miss having him in your life. This will make them see how great of a catch you are, and they’ll be sure to tell your Taurus man all about it.

8. Let Him Know You Support Him No Matter What

If you want to make a Taurus man miss you, then you need to let him know that you’re there for him no matter what. This means being supportive of his dreams and goals, even if they don’t include you.

Selflessness is an incredibly attractive quality, and it will show your Taurus ex that you’re not just interested in what he can do for you. You can do this from afar by sending him positive texts or social media messages, or even by sending him a care package.

It doesn’t matter how you do it. As long as he knows that you’re thinking of him and that you support him no matter what, you’ll make your Taurus man regret losing you.

9. Get Excited About Your Future

It can be hard to know what’s next after you’ve split up with your Taurus man, especially if the relationship was long-term. But it’s important to orient yourself towards the future and to get excited about what’s to come.

This means setting goals for yourself, both short-term and long-term. It also means making plans for your future, even if they don’t involve your Taurus ex.

If you have good things on the horizon and share this with your Taurus, it may remind him how much fun it was to look forward to a future with you. He may even really want to be a part of it again.

But even if he doesn’t, you’ll be okay. Because you know that you’re headed towards something great, with or without him.

10. Offer Him Some Honesty

At the end of a relationship, things can get charged, and emotions can outweigh objective conversations. If you ended the relationship by saying some things that were skewed or less than true, it can be helpful to go back and offer your Taurus man some honesty.

This doesn’t mean that you need to tell him everything that’s on your mind (although that might be cathartic). But it does mean owning up to any hurtful things you may have said, or any false statements you made about the relationship.

This genuine act of maturity and earnest effort to make things right will not only make your Taurus man respect you, but it may also make him realize that he wants you back in his life.

11. Flaunt a Little on Social Media

We all know that social media isn’t real life, but it can be a reflection of our lives. And if you want your Taurus man to regret losing you, then you should use social media to your advantage.

This means posting pictures and updates that show how happy and successful you are without him. Be careful not to rub it in his face too much, but a little bit of harmless bragging can go a long way.

Stick to sharing wins that you’re authentically proud of that have nothing to do with dating. So don’t post pictures of yourself surrounded by guys, but rather share your recent success at work or the new hobby that you’re loving.

Your Taurus man is likely looking, and seeing how great you’re doing without him may just make him realize that he made a mistake by letting you go.

12. Get Vulnerable and Let Him Know How You Feel

If you want to make a Taurus man regret losing you, then you need to get vulnerable and let him know how you’re feeling. This includes expressing your hurt, your anger, and your sadness about the breakup.

The key thing here is to do this from a place of love, gentleness, and vulnerability. Taurus men are ruled by Venus, which means that their hearts melt when they see their partners coming from a place of care and love.

So tell him how you’re feeling, and let him know that you still care about him. This doesn’t mean that you’re getting back together, but it does mean that he will know where you’re at, without any defensiveness or walls up.

Most Taurus men will be tender in return, and he may even change his mind about letting you go.

Will a Taurus Man Forget About You?

Taurus men are practical and matter-of-fact. So, when they say the relationship is over, it’s over. At least, on the outside. It’s likely that, internally, your Taurus man still has feelings for you.

Taurus men are very sentimental when it comes to the past. So, even though he’s moved on superficially, there’s a good chance that he still remembers the happy moments of your relationship fondly.

And if you play your cards right, you can use this to your advantage. It’s important to always be kind, even if you were hurt by the separation. Nurturing a friendship will make a Taurus man want to be around you more, and it will make him think of you fondly when you’re not together.

Make an effort to stay in touch. Taurus men are loyal and they appreciate loyalty in return. So even if he’s the one who ended things, make sure to reach out every now and then and check in on him.

A little bit goes a long way here, so you can send him a message once a week or so, just to let him know you’re thinking of him.

Does a Taurus Man Regret a Break-Up?

To make a Taurus man regret losing you, it’s important to understand that he does have feelings, even if he doesn’t show them on the surface. But if you look closely, you can usually see a few signs of regret in Taurus men:

  • He still reaches out regularly even though the relationship has ended. He may text you, comment on your social media posts, or call you on the weekends.
  • He asks your friends and family how you’re doing. You may hear through the grapevine that he’s still curious about what’s going on, but he isn’t confident enough to ask you directly. So he looks for updates from mutual people in your lives.
  • You notice him looking at you longingly when you’re together. If you still see your ex at work, school, or social events, you may catch him gazing a bit too long at you. He’s enamored by your presence, even though the relationship is over.
  • He admits he was wrong for part or all of the relationship. It takes a lot for the stubborn Taurus to admit he was wrong, so if he does, it’s a clear sign that he really regrets losing you.
  • He’s curious about your next steps and future. You may notice your Taurus man asking you about your upcoming plans. Are you going to start dating again? What about your job, or are you going to move somewhere new? He’s clearly still attached to you and your life.
  • He’s hot and cold. Sometimes he’s romantic and seems to regret the break-up, other times he’s distant. He clearly can’t make up his mind and is debating getting back together with you.

Will a Taurus Man Come Back?

It’s totally possible that a Taurus man will come back after a breakup! But you need to realize that the biggest ingredient necessary for rekindling is time. Taurus men can be glacially slow to make decisions. But once they’ve had time to think things over, they may be more flexible and open to getting back together.

Sometimes this process can even take years. For example, when I was with my Taurus man and we parted ways, we had several years of friendship before we decided to get romantically involved again.

There was no way to rush this, as much as I would have liked to. And even though it was difficult, the end result was worth the wait.

So you need to ask yourself, is your Taurus man worth waiting for? If the answer is yes, then it’s worth it to take things slow and let him come back to you on his own time.

You don’t need to sit by the phone for months on end waiting to resume the relationship. Simply live your life in a healthy, intentional manner and stay on good terms with your Taurus ex. Trust that this is enough and eventually he will come back around.

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The Bottom Line

Making a Taurus man regret losing you is all about making yourself the best version of yourself. As you work on improving your health, relationships, and future, you’ll be sure to attract your Taurus man’s attention.

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