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Leo Man in Bed: A Walk on the Wild Side

leo man in bed

Leos are bright and creative individuals who are ruled by the sun. Their radiance is cast down onto all members of the zodiac and people feel truly seen and heard in their presence.

I can vouch for the fact that the Leo man will bring this energy and attention into the bedroom! I’ve always connected with this fire sign, being one myself. There is a lot of potential for real chemistry, especially if you have a strong sensual or sexual presence yourself.

Here are a few details about the Leo man in bed that can help you to better understand what turns him on and off. If you pay attention to these guidelines, you can achieve great sexual chemistry together!

What Turns a Leo Man On?

To put it bluntly, Leo men are turned on by themselves. This isn’t to say that they are narcissists. They know themselves and care very much about being seen and acknowledged in sexual situations. Here are some ways that you can use this to your advantage and excite your Leo man:

Attention and Compliments

Leo men love being seen, heard, and understood. Make sure to actively listen to him. You can also indicate that you’re interested in him with your body language. Lean in, nod, and smile while he’s talking.

Ask him many follow-through questions to show him that you want to dig a little deeper into his feelings. Support him by making small positive comments. You can say something like “You did a great job there” or “How brave of you!” to validate his stories.

Don’t worry about this turning into a one-way conversation. Leo men also enjoy giving compliments to their romantic partners. Your care and attention will make him more curious about your personal story. And, of course, will turn him on!

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A Confident Partner

Leos are quite confident people and appreciate when their partners are as well. They want to know that you stand behind your convictions and aren’t embarrassed to share your stances.

They will appreciate sexual confidence as well. It’s easy for me to let a Leo man know I’m interested in him by making direct flirtatious comments. I also focus on sensuality and make sure to show him that I’m not afraid to wink or gently touch his arm.

You can turn up the heat by asking your Leo man what gets him excited. If he isn’t quick to share, go ahead and let him know what your turn-ons are. Your confidence in this area will pique his interest in no time.

Matched Passion

Leo men are known for being intense in most areas. They only involve themselves in subjects or people they are passionate about.

If your Leo man has been expressing interest in you and making regular plans, then congratulations! This definitely means he is having passionate feelings about you.

However, this interest is only sustainable if your Leo man feels that you have the same passion for him. He isn’t interested in unbalanced situations where his partner is quiet, reserved, or bored. Remember what we said earlier – Leos love getting attention!

This should be easy if you’re interested in him. Allow yourself to express your honest feelings about the relationship. Focus on matching your passion levels to his and you won’t have to worry about coming on too strong.

Being Touched

Nothing ignites a Leo man more than being touched. This moment is the culmination of all of the flirting. It lets your Leo man know that his moves are working.

Leos like teasing touches, such as a gentle graze across the chest, neck, or back. This is a great way to make the typically dominant Leo show a bit of submission.

A sensual massage is another way that you can excite him physically. Giving him light kisses, caressing sensitive areas of his body, and verbally complimenting him will add to the passion.

Allowing Him to Take Control

Leos like to take control and appreciate partners who are naturally more submissive. This doesn’t mean that they want to take complete control during sex. However, they love to lead.

Tease your Leo man and let him know you’re interested, but wait for him to make the official move. You can also support his dominance by asking him what he wants and what you can do for him.

He’ll definitely be turned on by your eagerness and excitement!

Enjoying a Flirtatious Chase

A Leo man isn’t likely to go for sex off the bat. He enjoys small playful moments of flirtation, and he wants to earn it.

You can play hard to get with him by letting him caress you and playfully pulling back when the petting gets heavier. You can also give him a peek at an area of your body and then quickly cover it up, letting him know what you’re working with.

Pay attention to his energy during this game. While it will usually excite him and help him to focus on you, it may come off as disinterested. Don’t turn it into a dominant stand-off. A Leo man will sooner walk away than submit to you controlling the entire foreplay experience.

Role Play

Since Leo men are dominant, they will enjoy fantasies that involve them being in control. If you’re into role-playing yourself, you could suggest that he plays an authority figure. He will do well taking on the role of a police officer or teacher in bed.

Leos are creative people with active imaginations, so it shouldn’t be too hard for your man to make up dialogue and assume the role.

You can also ask him if he has any specific kinks. If you two are compatible in this area, go ahead and oblige him! He will also enjoy hearing about your own kinks and learning how to satisfy you with them. Leo men love getting creative in bed!

What Turns a Leo Man Off?

Although Leo men are very sexually engaged and easy to make a connection with, they are also very sensitive. You’ll have to tread lightly in certain areas to keep them from becoming upset, bored, or offended. Here are some situations that don’t entice the Leo man:


While a Leo will want you to be interested in them, they don’t appreciate excessive clinginess. This includes people who send several text messages a day or are available at all times.

He may see this as a lack of confidence. If you don’t have any other priorities or interests in life, then he will feel like you’re just hanging out with him to pass the time. Since he enjoys the chase, he won’t see an overly available partner as a suitable prize.


Leo men don’t appreciate sexual partners who are indifferent. As mentioned above, they are passionate people who feed off of the passion of others. They will also interpret indifference as a lack of interest.

This is the last thing that the Leo man is interested in! He is turned on by the idea that his partner is attracted to him, and he likes this to be expressed.


Since Leo men are quite adventurous in bed, they don’t like it when their partners are too shy or timid between the sheets.

As dominant people, they may enjoy a bit of shyness at the beginning and see it as a sign of teasing or foreplay. However, they won’t have endless patience here.

If you are insecure about your body and prefer to have sex with the lights off or under the covers, your Leo partner may need more. Remember that this sign is ruled by the sun, and they want everything to be illuminated. Including you!

If you’re feeling nervous in this area, remember that Leos are the perfect partner to open up to. As dominant and passionate people, Leos can help you to feel loved and adored in your body and in your sexuality.

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Since Leos are very sensitive, they don’t do well around constantly negative people. This is because, with time, the negativity will rub off on them. Leos are known to complain and sulk in bad situations and need positive people to keep a balance in this area.

Negativity also reduces passion. It will be hard to have this kind of connection if Leo’s partner is always worried or distracted by small things happening outside of sex.

Patronizing Partners

Leo men don’t like to be patronized by their partners. This can make them feel small, insecure, and dominated. That’s the opposite of the Leo man’s sexual fantasy!

Avoid saying things like “You know better than that” or “I’m not sure if you’ll get this”. These comments subtly let your Leo partner know that you feel that you’re smarter than them. These types of comments also imply that you don’t think your Leo man has anything to bring to the table.

This is the opposite of how he wants to feel when he’s aroused. He wants his partner to be surprised and delighted by what he has to bring to the table.

If you feel that you make patronizing comments during sex, take a moment to think and rephrase them. Instead, ask him questions or pay him compliments so he feels his perspective is valued.

Other Tips for Understanding the Leo Man in Bed

Is Sex Very Important for the Leo Man?

Yes! As a fire sign, Leo men have a lot of creative energy, which is often expressed sexually. It’s also easy for him to attract people, so he doesn’t feel that sex is hard to come by.

He will appreciate regular sex, at least 3 times a week, with a regular partner. It’s also not unusual for him to have sex on his mind throughout the day.

Even though he is motivated by sex, the Leo man is capable of waiting for the right connection before getting to that level. He knows that the reward of waiting for a compatible partner is much more satisfying than giving into a lackluster connection.

Are Leo Men Dominant in Bed?

Absolutely. Leo men love to lead and they feel confident when they initiate sex. He usually won’t rush his partner into intimacy and enjoys taking a bit of time to learn about his partner.

Even though he is dominant, he will still need affirmation and encouragement from his partner to let this side of himself come out. Leo’s confidence is very dependent on the consent and excitement of his partner.

Are Leo Men Slow or Fast In Bed?

Leo men tend to prefer quicker passionate sessions over slow tantric ones. The key to keeping a Leo in bed longer is to play games and mix it up. For example, if you move into different rooms and try new positions, this can give the Leo man a lot more longevity.

If you’re looking for a marathon session with your Leo man, let him know it! Tell him that you know he is capable of it and you can’t wait for him to provide you with hours of joy. This can stoke his pride and get him excited for longer periods of intimacy.

Leos also appreciate the time around sex, such as foreplay or pillow talk after a session. Cuddle, spoon, and kiss your Leo man to make him feel loved and to extend the ecstasy of the moment.

Are Leo men Adventurous or Vanilla?

If a Leo man is more adventurous than his sexual partner, he may be pretty vanilla in bed. He usually gets more creative during sex when he has a partner who really wants it. He is more likely to lean into kinks and role play if he sees that this really turns his partner on.

Do Leo Men Prefer Casual Sex?

Leo men don’t prefer casual sex over more intentional connections. This doesn’t mean that they are judgemental about this. They simply need an emotional connection in order to get aroused.

Leo men also tend to be picky. This isn’t because they are as critical as some other signs. It’s because they have a good idea of what they’re looking for when it comes to sexual compatibility.

What Signs Are Sexually Compatible with Leo?

Most zodiac signs are compatible with Leos. By digging a bit deeper into a natal chart, you can have a deeper compatibility analysis. However, the following three signs seem to have the best luck with Leo men:


Both Leo and Aries are fire signs, so there will be no problem in the passion department here. They are also both spontaneous and can have a lot of playfulness in their sexuality.

This is a great pairing for uninhibited sex. Both of these people are very focused on themselves and need to get a lot of pleasure out of the event. It’s unlikely that either will be left unsatisfied.


Gemini is the socialite of the zodiac and therefore connects well with a Leo’s personality. They are creative people that enjoy non-traditional and even risque sexual encounters together.

Since Gemini is so good at communicating, she will easily make her Leo partner feel cared for and attracted to. Great conversations are some of the best foreplay that these two will encounter.


Aquarius people are the opposite of Leos in their astrological placement. While this may not seem like an obvious pairing, they actually make great compliments to one another.

Aquarius people enjoy mixing up their sex and adding new elements to the bedroom. This could include toys, role play, or even attending erotic performances or spaces. The Leo man loves that this person can take them into new sexual territory.

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Final Thoughts

Leos are fun lovers! They can curate truly mind-blowing sessions for their partners because their heart is fully in it. If you’re ready for a sexual relationship with a Leo, make sure to show up confidently and let him know it.

If there is chemistry, he will be flattered, and will likely take things to the next level. Leo man sextrology can help you to know what works best for him, but ultimately, it’s the sexiest to a Leo when you show up as yourself. 

Coincidentally, Leo Man Sextrology is included as a free bonus when you purchase Anna Kovach’s Leo Man Secrets. Delve deep into all things Leo and unlock the passion you deserve!

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