The Capricorn Man: Ambitious And Passionately Disciplined.

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Capricorn man

The Capricorn man is one of the most impressive signs in the zodiac. He is the embodiment of success and ambition, determined to get what he wants in life.

This man could grow up to be the president, establish a major corporation, or lead a major scientific endeavor. This sign dreams big, and accomplishes big things!

But one thing is certain – he will have a commanding presence wherever he goes. Even if he lives a modest life, the things he does will be done with pride, perfection, and passion.

Let’s look a bit deeper into the mind, heart, and spirit of the Capricorn man. We’ll discuss what makes him tick, his strengths and weaknesses, and take a good look at the Capricorn man in love.

By the end of this article, you’ll understand how this man fundamentally works, as well as how to establish a deeper connection with him as a partner.

capricorn man
About Capricorn Man
Birthday DatesDecember 22 – January 19
Ruling PlanetSaturn
KeywordsAmbition, discipline, practicality 
ColorBrown and dark green
Lucky DaysSaturday
Ruling Body PartBones, joints, and skin

Famous Capricorn Men

famous capricorn man jim carrey

Jim Carrey

famous capricorn man mel gibson

Mel Gibson

famous capricorn man Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer

famous capricorn man kevin costner

Kevin Costner

famous capricorn man bradley cooper

Bradley Cooper

Capricorn Man Personality Traits and Characteristics

The Capricorn man is known for his deeply unwavering determination and patience. He is steadfast and stays focused on long-term outcomes, which can help him weather any storm.

Here are a few additional traits associated with this powerful earth sign:

Good Traits:

Here are some of the unique traits of the Capricorn man that make him one of the most respectable signs in the zodiac:

  • He’s very ambitious: The Capricorn is a very goal-driven sign. He is able to visualize what he wants and takes strides to reach it.
  • Capricorn men are very responsible: This man likes to finish what he started, and he will take full responsibility for his actions or lack thereof. This makes him fair, as well as a good leader.
  • A capacity for patience: Capricorn men don’t rush others along. They allow themselves and their loved ones to reach their goals at their own pace.
  • He’s trustworthy: This man is someone you can depend on. He keeps his promises and is a reliable companion.
  • There’s wisdom in his heart: The Capricorn man is an old soul and he understands and respects the many traditions that have come before him. That means he’s a great person to ask for practical advice or problem-solving.

Bad Traits:

While there are plenty of positive traits that make this man alluring, there are also a handful of challenges that this sign will face in his life:

  • He can be extremely stubborn: Since this man holds onto his values, beliefs, and goals for the long haul, it can be hard for him to change. He may be rigid, stubborn, or narrow-minded when confronted with change.
  • A bit overly cautious: The Capricorn man is ruled by the sign of Saturn. This planet is associated with caution and restraint. This means that he may be apprehensive or even pessimistic about the future.
  • He’s a workaholic: Capricorn men are very industrious and known for putting in long hours into a project. This could lead to a lack of work-life balance and relationships may suffer if not made a priority.
  • He may be judgmental: This man is all about holding himself to a high standard, and he holds others around him to the same standard. However, this may not be fair, and he could come off as critical and judgy to others.

Understanding A Capricorn Man

Getting into the mind of a Capricorn man can be a fascinating and deep dive. He’s intelligent, well-structured, and many layers will need to peel off before you find a vulnerable and emotionally available man.

Here are a few key things to understand about Capricorn men that can help deepen a relationship and build empathy:

Capricorn Man Behavior

When you catch a Capricorn in any social situation, you’ll probably first reflect on how put-together he looks. This man exudes coolness, confidence, and an air of authority.

Since he isn’t the most social person, he won’t likely draw attention to himself or make a big statement when entering the room.

Instead, he waits and observes the room, calculating the best course of action.

When he’s finally engaged, he enjoys a spirited and intellectual conversation. He also enjoys adding humor to any dialogue as well as digging into deep topics such as politics or religion.

He may not seem the most passionate when connecting with others, but he is certainly present, polite, and known to be a great listener. What he lacks in emotional flair is made up for with his insightful questions and friendly advice.

While the Capricorn man comes off as a cool and collected creature, he does have a tendency to bottle up and explode. Once he has been upset beyond repair, no one can talk this man down or change his mind.

He’ll need to cool down to collect himself and may even need to sleep on it. So make sure to respect his space when he’s in the red.

Capricorn Man Likes and Dislikes

What makes a Capricorn man’s heart sing, and what makes him tick? Here are some of the main likes and dislikes associated with this sign:


Like all earth signs, the Capricorn man appreciates the finer things in life. His motto is “quality over quantity” and this applies to more than just objects, but also the people and circumstances in his life.

He’s a fan of high culture and may regularly indulge in the opera, regular visits to a favorite museum, local concerts, or a good book. Even better if he has a companion to discuss the intricate tidbits of the event with.

This man is also usually outdoorsy in some capacity. From enjoying regular walks around the neighborhood to camping on the weekends to traveling to beautiful natural vistas, the Capricorn man loves to explore.

Last but not least, this man loves learning, sharing knowledge, and staying on top of the news. His mind is always running, and he’s naturally curious, so he never tires of gaining more knowledge.


This sign has plenty of pet peeves that they struggle with as well.

The Capricorn male likes when things are orderly and efficient, so he’s easily offended by disorganized and chaotic processes. For example, he’ll likely resent a messy roommate who is behind on his bills and doesn’t know how to reason with this person.

He’s also put off by other people who lack ambition or purpose for their lives. Since he values determination and hard work, he will write this person off as lazy and undeserving of his friendship if motivation doesn’t work.

This person is also uncomfortable around people who are dramatic with emotions running high. This could be a jealous partner, a friend who constantly runs into trouble with the law or a co-worker who always makes a problem out of minor issues.

Lastly, this man is easily frustrated by any person who wastes his time or forces him to go along with their agenda. He has his own plans and goals he intends to stick to, so don’t expect him to compromise too much in order to please someone else.

Capricorn Man Family Life

capricorn man family life

The Capricorn is often known as the “father” of the zodiac and he definitely shows up as the archetypical dad in family life. He’s interested in teaching his children discipline as well as the important of hard work. But he’s always patient enough to make sure his children fully understand why he runs a tight ship.

While he may be stricter than other dads, he’s certainly more dependable and reliable. He will unwaveringly show up for his children’s major events and spend time helping them with their hobbies and passions at any stage of their life.

This man takes commitment very seriously and he expects his spouse to be a loyal and active team member in the family. He sees the parent unit as the model his children should aspire to have one day in their own lives.

Like other earth signs, the Capricorn man’s home is a reflection of his life, and he values keeping it in great condition. The more comfortable and useful his home is, the more harmonious a family life he can create.

Capricorn Man Friendships

Capricorns take a while to warm up to new friends, so they may not appear to be very interested when first meeting them. But when they feel safe, they are loyal, committed, and persistent friends.

They’re incredibly handy friends and love to help their loved ones around the home, setting goals, or prepping for major career changes. They may be a bit slow to respond to your texts or calls, but they always do in the end.

In turn, this earth sign needs friends who are willing to commit for the long term. He doesn’t like liars, manipulators, or people who can’t listen very well. He’s patient enough to wait for people who are a good fit for his social circle.

Capricorns prefer ambitious and intelligent friends so that there’s always something new to mentally stimulate them in the relationship. They aren’t very play-oriented but are sometimes competitive, so they enjoy shared hobbies such as sports or board games.

The Capricorn man becomes less conservative when he’s in a room full of old friends. He feels stable and safe in this environment, which means he may unleash his wild side, a rare sight to see. So with a bit of stability and familiarity, this guy can become the life of the party.

Capricorn Man Career

capricorn man career

Few employees or businessmen shine in their careers as brightly as the Capricorn man. His natural strengths lend very well to the workforce so he’s able to become indispensable to a work team.

He’s a natural-born leader, even if he isn’t the most charismatic member of the zodiac. He can hold a large ambitious vision in his head and keep a team focused despite any failure and distraction that may arise.

He tends to stay a long time at his job, and he may even have one vocation throughout his whole life. He appreciates the long approach to excellence in the workplace and it gives him a lot of confidence.

Some jobs he may excel at include:

  • Finance
  • Business management
  • Legal positions
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Government or politics

These jobs all give him the chance to shine as an authoritative and committed worker.

Capricorn Men and Money

Capricorns are ruled by the planet Saturn. This planet deals in the realms of time and consequence. So when this man is thinking about what to do with his money, he asks himself two questions:

“How long can I extend this money?” and “What negative consequence will come my way if I poorly spend it?”

He’s not quick to impulsively spend or splurge. He prefers to save and invest for greater returns in the future.

A long-term approach doesn’t scare him. In fact, ensuring his future financial security is very soothing to him.

Capricorn Man In Love and Relationships

capricorn man in love and relationships

Are you interested in a relationship with a Capricorn man? Here’s everything you need to know to nail it, from first dates to starting a family:

Signs A Capricorn Man Likes You

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that a Capricorn man is interested in you:

  • He talks your ear off: As mentioned above, Capricorn men aren’t naturally very chatty with strangers. But if he has a lot to say, he respects your mind and may have feelings for you as well.
  • He offers to help out: Capricorn men love feeling useful. If you notice he’s offering to help you run errands or around the home, it could be a sign that he’s into you.
  • He’s physically forward: Using forward body language, mirroring you, and making a physical move are all signs he’s attracted to you. And when a Capricorn man kisses you it means he’s definitely made up his mind about you, so if he leans in, he wants to take things further.
  • He buys you a gift: Capricorn men don’t spend money frivolously. So when he’s treating you to dinner or buying you gifts, it’s because he has deeper feelings.

It can be a bit subtle to tell if a Capricorn likes you, since he won’t always express it verbally or with his emotions. But once the signs are there, you can be sure that this man is ready for a committed relationship.

How Do Capricorns Test You?

A Capricorn man will test you because he has high standards for the relationship. Here are some of the most common “tests” he’s known to put his partner through:

  • He tries to open up emotionally to see if you’ll support him in hard times
  • He tests your intellect to make sure you’re a good mental match
  • He keeps an eye on your financial habits – Capricorns don’t like to date people who can’t manage money
  • He gauges your honesty to make sure you’re trustworthy

What Is a Capricorn Man Attracted To?

A Capricorn man loves a woman who matches his own ambition and passion for self-improvement and growth. He wants a partner who inspires him, not someone who he needs to constantly take care of or motivate.

He wants his ideal partner to be punctual, orderly, and relatively predictable. While this may sound a bit boring, it provides him with a sense of stability and relief.

Who Do Capricorn Men Fall in Love With?

When it comes to fireworks and a deeper connection, the Capricorn man is ultimately looking for someone who is 100% committed to the relationship. He wants to see, that through thick and thin, his partner will stay in the relationship.

Honesty is the second most important factor when it comes to serious romantic relationships for this earth sign. He feels very slighted by being lied to.

When a Capricorn man is done with you, 9 out of 10 times it’s because he feels betrayed or lied to for the last time.

Best Match for the Capricorn Man

The Scorpio woman is an excellent match for the Capricorn man. They share a need for deep consistent commitment and safety around intimacy. They’re also usually both intelligent and deep individuals, so the relationship won’t be superficial.

Worst Match for the Capricorn Man

The Gemini sign is known to be the worst match for the Capricorn man. While they’re both very smart and witty, the free-spirited and unpredictable nature of the Gemini may be too much for the Capricorn man to deal with.

Capricorn Man Secrets

While every Capricorn is different, understanding these general personality traits and preferences can go a long way in a relationship. Keep them in mind so that you can honor both your own needs as well as his when dating or hanging out as friends.

For those who seek a deeper understanding of this man, Capricorn Man Secrets is the best guide I’ve come across for breaking down the intricacies and mysteries of this earth sign. Grab a copy to day and become a pro on the Capricorn man.

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