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12 Easy Ways How to Emotionally Connect With a Taurus Man

how to emotionally connect with a taurus man

If you want to know how to emotionally connect with a Taurus man, you need to understand how they work. Tauruses are incredibly loyal, reliable, and steadfast partners who prize stable, committed partners.

Tap into your man’s sensitive side and make him feel understood and appreciated. Then you will have no trouble forming a strong bond with your Taurus man.

When I first started dating my Taurus man, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had read a lot about how these earth signs act in a relationship and was eager to find out if it was true.

At first, he seemed like a tough nut to crack. He was very guarded emotionally and didn’t share much about himself with me.

But I persevered, and eventually, I was able to get him to open up to me. Once I got to know him better, I realized that his guardedness was just a defense mechanism.

He’s actually a very sensitive guy who feels things deeply. He just needed someone who was patient and understanding enough to help him feel comfortable opening up.

In this article, we will explore the ways in which you can connect with your Taurus man emotionally. We’ll also review some of the things that make them unique as an archetype.

How to Emotionally Connect With a Taurus Man: 12 Ways to Deepen the Relationship

1. Be Understanding and Patient

The Taurus is ruled by the bull. While this incredible animal can have a lot of momentum, it takes him a while to get started. You can’t expect him to open up to you immediately. Honestly, as a fixed sign, this Taurus is probably comfortable where he already is.

Your Taurus man will be turned off if you’re constantly worrying about his feelings and emotional state. Don’t try to get him to open up before he’s ready, or you’ll only push him further away. He will see it as you rushing him or not respecting his boundaries.

Allow your Taurus the time and space he needs to come to you when he’s ready. Until then, just be understanding and patient.

This means that you shouldn’t pry into his personal life or ask him questions that he’s not comfortable answering. Just let him be and respect his boundaries.

This may sound counterintuitive if you’re trying to connect with him emotionally. But your Taurus man may actually open up more quickly when you give him the freedom to do so on his own terms.

2. Make Him Feel Appreciated

Taurus men are motivated by accomplishment. They want to please their partners and feel appreciated. Make sure to give your Taurus man frequent and genuine compliments, and let him know how much you appreciate all he does for you.

Let your Taurus know when you notice him doing small things for you, such as cooking dinner or buying you flowers. Taurus men need to feel needed, so make sure your man knows that you couldn’t do without him.

Your Taurus man will also appreciate it if you show your appreciation in a tangible way. If he does something special for you, return the favor by doing something nice for him. It doesn’t have to be anything big.

But it should be something that is meaningful to him, such as a small shoulder rub, a hug, or his favorite dinner prepared at home.

You’d be surprised by how this helps a Taurus man to loosen up and share his emotions. He’ll feel appreciated and loved, and he’ll be more likely to open up to you as a result.

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3. Show Him You’re Loyal

In order for a Taurus to show his emotions, he needs to know that his woman is trustworthy. Loyalty is the best way to express this to your man.

This looks like being there for him when he needs you, being supportive even when things are tough, and always having his back. You can also express your loyalty by being monogamous and faithful to him.

Make your Taurus man feel like the only guy in the room when you’re out dating or socializing. Taurus men are very possessive, and they need to know that their woman is only interested in them.

He will also test your loyalty to other important people in your life, such as friends and family. Make sure to highlight how dedicated you are to the people you love the most.

When he sees your track record, you’ll get your Taurus man interested in sharing his emotions with you more freely.

4. Connect With Him Physically

how to emotionally connect with a taurus man

The best way to emotionally connect with a Taurus man is through physical contact. He is an earth sign, and he craves physical touch. This may manifest itself in different ways depending on the Taurus man, but all Taurean men will appreciate a good cuddle session.

Your Taurus man may also enjoy massages, back rubs, or even just holding hands. If you’re not sure what he likes, just ask him! He’ll be happy to let you know what makes him feel good.

Physical touch is also a great way to build intimacy with your Taurus man. If you’re looking to take things to the next level, make sure to include plenty of physical affection in your relationship.

Kissing, hugging, and even just sitting close to each other will help to create an emotional connection that will last a lifetime.

5. Let Him Take the Lead in the Relationship

If you want to help make your Taurus man comfortable in the relationship it’s important that you let him feel in control. Since these men value safety and security so much, they like to call the shots.

As a fiery Sagittarius woman, I’ve found it challenging to relinquish the reigns to my Taurus man. But it’s been worth it because he feels more secure in the relationship and is, therefore, more likely to open up to me in an emotional way.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should let your Taurus man walk all over you. You should still stand up for yourself and what you want in the relationship. But try to give him the space to lead.

You can do this by asking him for his opinion on things, letting him make the decisions, and following his lead.

6. Don’t Make Him Feel Guilty for Needing Space

Taurus men don’t like feeling ashamed about needing their time alone. It’s important to respect his need for space, even if it means that he’s not spending as much time with you as you’d like.

I know it can be difficult when your Taurus man suddenly wants to take a step back from the relationship, but try not to take it personally. He just needs some time to recharge his batteries.

If you can give your Taurus man the space he needs, he’ll be more likely to come back to you refreshed and ready to connect with you on a deeper level.

7. Acknowledge His Feelings

A Taurus can be seen as mysterious and is often a quiet type. Taurus men tend to bottle up their feelings, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have them.

It can become a bit of a catch-22 when it comes to getting your Taurus man to open up. He’s not going to want to share his feelings with you if he doesn’t feel like you understand or acknowledge them.

So if you don’t speak up first, your man may never say anything. This is a good area of the relationship for you to take initiative in. Pay attention to his body language, the emotional level of his voice, and his overall energy.

When you sense that he’s feeling something strongly, ask him about it. This will show him that you’re tuned in to his feelings and that you care about how he’s feeling.

Listen to your Taurus man non-judgementally. When he’s done sharing, simply let him know that you hear him and thank him for sharing. This will make the relationship much more intimate, which will in turn help your man share more deeply with you.

8. Stay Emotionally Calm When Sharing

As mentioned above, I can be a bit of a hot head. This means that when I express my feelings, they aren’t filtered and are usually accompanied by a lot of emotion.

My Taurus man, on the other hand, is much more level-headed. He takes the time to process his feelings before he shares them with me. This can be frustrating at times because I want him to just tell me how he feels!

But I’ve learned that it’s important to meet my Taurus man where he’s at. When I share my feelings with him, I make sure to do so in a calm and collected manner.

This helps him feel more comfortable opening up to me, and it also allows us to have a more productive conversation.

I’m happier now than ever before because I’ve finally learned how to bond with my Taurus man on a deeper level. It’s worth it to cool off during a conversation if we get to share more overall.

9. Show Emotional Vulnerability

Even though it’s important to stay emotionally calm with your Taurus man, that doesn’t mean you should bottle up your feelings. It’s important to be vulnerable with him and to let him see your emotional side.

My Taurus man loves it when I share my feelings with him, even if they’re negative. He knows that I trust him enough to show him my vulnerability, and this in turn makes him feel more comfortable opening up to me.

You can let your Taurus man know when you’re scared, feeling insecure, or even when you’re feeling sad. Taurus men are incredibly compassionate, and they’ll want to do everything they can to make you feel better.

It’s also helpful to let your Taurus man know how he can help you. He isn’t a mindreader, but he is a very rational man who will want to be able to fix the problem if he can.

So if you’re feeling emotional, don’t be afraid to let your Taurus man see it. He’ll appreciate your vulnerability and will likely respond by sharing his own feelings with you.

10. Help Your Man Feel Emotions Safely

When your Taurus man begins to open up to you with his feelings, it’s important to let him know that he’s in good company. You can show him that you will actively listen to him and respect his thoughts and opinions.

Your Taurus man will appreciate it if you are quiet but show active body language like nodding your head or making small sounds to show you are engaged.

As noted above, physical touch can be very affirming for a Taurus man as well. Offer to give him a big hug after he shares or even just put your hand on his arm while he’s talking.

The most important thing is to let your Taurus man know that you’re there for him and that you’re not going anywhere. Thank your Taurus man for sharing with you and ask him what he needs to feel better when he’s finished.

These efforts will make your man feel even more intimate and bring in connectedness in the relationship.

11. Make a Your Man Comfortable in Your Home

This earthy homebody loves to feel comfortable with his partner. So focus on making your home as cozy as possible. Taurus men are very visual since they are ruled by Venus. So make sure your home is pleasing to the eye to add closeness to the relationship.

He will also respond well to a clean and organized home. This shows him that you’re capable of taking care of yourself and your environment, which is a huge turn-on for this sign.

Finally, cook an out-of-this-world meal for your Taurus man. Taurus men love to eat and they are especially drawn to a woman who can cook. So whip up his favorite dish or drink and enjoy a romantic meal together at home.

12. Let Him Know About Your Longterm Plans

If you want to know how to emotionally connect with a Taurus man in the long run, you’ll need to share your long-term plans with him. Taurus men are very future-oriented and they’ll want to know that you’re on the same page as them.

My Taurus man loves it when I share my long-term goals with him. He’s always asking me about my plans for the future, and he really appreciates it when I’m honest and passionate about my upcoming ambitions.

It’s also a good idea to ask your man what he wants in the long term. Your Taurus man is very goal-oriented, so he’ll likely have a lot to share with you.

When you and your Taurus partner know the next steps ahead, it makes it easier to communicate your needs. This in turn creates more intimacy in the relationship overall.

How Important Is Eye Contact for a Taurus Man?

Your Taurus man feels grounded when you make eye contact with him. He associates your steady gaze with authentic witnessing. The longer you can hold the gaze, the more secure he will feel.

Taurus men also love to feel seen and heard, so make sure you’re really listening when he’s talking to you. Show him this by actively listening with your body language and comments. 

Your Taurus man will also enjoy the passion that direct eye contact brings. This is because this man is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and passion. He may take this as a signal that you’re interested in him and want to take things to the next level.

So, if you want to know how to emotionally connect with a Taurus man, focus on making eye contact and really listening when he’s talking to you. These two things will go a long way in making your Taurus man feel loved and appreciated.

How Do You Make a Taurus Man Feel Loved?

Knowing what can make your Taurus man feel loved is important if you want to maintain a strong emotional relationship with him. Taurus men are very sensual, so they love it when their partners make an effort to touch them and be physically affectionate.

Your Taurus man loves spending time at home. They feel especially close to their partner when they’re relaxing in a familiar environment. Make sure to spend plenty of time at home with your Taurus man, and create opportunities for cozy moments together.

Your Taurus man also loves physical affection, so make sure to touch your man frequently. Whether it’s a hug, a backrub, or just holding hands, physical contact will help your Taurus man feel loved and appreciated.

In addition to these two things, your Taurus man also appreciates honesty, loyalty, and ambition in his partner. If you can show your Taurus man that you’re committed to the relationship and that you have similar goals, he’ll feel very loved and will love you back.

The Bottom Line

A Taurus can be a great partner that you can depend on for support through thick or thin. If you are patient, open, and commit to your man, he will return the favor tenfold in the relationship.

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