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Sleeping With a Pisces Man Too Soon: Should I Wait to Sleep With My Pisces Guy?

Sleeping With a Pisces Man Too Soon: Should I Wait to Sleep With My Pisces Guy?

So, you’ve just met a Pisces man and things are going great! You’re enjoying getting to know him and you’re excited about the possibility of a relationship. But then you start to wonder, “how do I know if I’m sleeping with a Pisces man too soon?”

The answer to this question is unique for all men. However, your Pisces man has a soulful and sensitive connection to his sexuality. He has certain needs when it comes to getting between the sheets.

Will moving too fast scare him off? Should you take initiative to keep him excited? It can be hard to put your feelings out there only to lose the thrill by rushing into things too quickly.

Read on to learn when is the best time to make your moves so that you can be sure to have him wrapped around your finger and ready for some intimacy with you.

Do Pisces Move Fast in Relationships?

The Pisces male is led by his heart as well as his daydreams. He doesn’t have a problem getting lost in a fantasy fueled by their partner. This sign is ruled by the planet Neptune which governs one’s intuition, ideals, and compassion.

If a Pisces man is starting to have feelings for you, he won’t hold back. These men have a hard time hiding their feelings. You’ll notice him doing things like deeply gazing at you, wanting to know all about you and being super sensitive to your moods.

He may take initiative to ask you out, and he will give you plenty of opportunities to invite him out as well.

It’s most likely that your Pisces man won’t be looking for a one-night stand. So you won’t feel rushed into sex by him, and he is likely to back off if you let him know he’s moving too fast.

While he is capable of being intimate before fully committing to a partner, it’s important that there is meaning to the act itself.

Pisces men see erotic experiences as an extension of their soul and emotional states. So you may enjoy how this man enjoys taking his time and connecting instead of rushing to the finish line.

It may take him a couple of weeks or even months of dating to feel comfortable with taking the relationship to a sexual place. However, once he starts feeling connected to you intimately, he may go full force into other areas of the relationship.

You may notice that you start hearing from him every day, be it a phone call or text message. He will also start to include you in his plans and want you to share projects or adventures with him.

Your Pisces man is likely idealizing you and putting you on a pedestal, now daydreaming about your future together.

Depending on how ready you are for a relationship with this man, you may feel overwhelmed by the speed of dating. If you are looking for something more casual, you may want to have a conversation about slowing things down.

If you’re ready to take the plunge with your Pisces man and go on an adventure together, be prepared. Your relationship will be based on communication, empathy, and mutual respect. Your Pisces will want nothing more than to make all of your dreams come true.

What Should I Do if My Pisces Man Is Moving Too Fast?

Since these men can become hyper-stimulated by the sensuality of dating and sex, they may come on too strong and move too fast. They may make a lot of suggestive comments, get touchy-feely, or keep asking you to join them for a nightcap suggestively.

This can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not ready to take things to the next level. Remember that your Pisces man is likely caught in a fantasy. He’s eagerly anticipating the mind-blowing and soul-connecting sex you’re going to have.

Your Pisces man is probably getting ahead of himself as he daydreams about the two of you together.

The good news is that a Pisces man is concerned with your experience just as much as he is with his own. This means that he won’t want to pressure you into any situation you’re not comfortable with.

He has simply missed the memo that you’re not ready yet since he has been so caught up in his own thoughts and desires.

It’s very important to let your Pisces man know your boundaries clearly. Tell him that you appreciate the flirting (or you don’t), and let him know that you’re not ready to sleep with him.

He will likely have a few questions for you once he realizes how you feel. This sign is incredibly sensitive to the experience of others, so this man will want to know where he went off track.

Be generous with your answers and let him know how you really feel. This will keep your connection with your Pisces man strong without making it awkward or creating distance.

Your Pisces man probably won’t be too disappointed at the end of the day. It’s much more exciting for a Pisces to take time to have a strong and meaningful sexual connection instead of rushing into things.

They just need a little guidance to understand your needs along the way.

Sleeping With a Pisces Man Too Soon in the Early Stages of Dating

If you’ve just started dating a Pisces man and you’re ready to get intimate with him, here are some of the ways you can expect him to act:

He Will Be Empathetic

Your Pisces man is naturally very empathetic, and sleeping with him can increase this psychic energy. If you’ve connected with your Pisces man in bed already, you may have noticed how he can now pick up on your feelings. Even when you haven’t said anything!

This is because your Pisces man is a water sign, and water signs are very attuned to the emotions of others.

He is an expert at understanding human nature and may have the ability to tap into the collective unconsciousness himself. He won’t be very showy or braggy about this. He will prefer to observe you and enjoy the time together as he gets to know you.

Your Pisces man may become very emotional, especially if you are having a strong emotion yourself and he feels it energetically. You may tell him personal details or past traumas about yourself during the early days of sleeping together.

You can expect him to have strong emotional reactions, and even cry during this time if he feels moved enough.

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You’ll Be In Charge

Pisces signs are known to be overall submissive. Since they live in their daydreams and escapist thoughts, they aren’t as interested in committing to decisions.

This can be a challenge in the early stages of dating if you prefer to sleep with a partner who is more dominant. However, your Pisces man is a people pleaser as well, so with time, he could learn to be more accommodating to your preferred power dynamics.

The key to this is good communication. Let him know that you want him to take a little more initiative in certain areas and tell him exactly what to do.

If you’re a dominant person sexually, you won’t have much of a problem with this at all. Furthermore, your Pisces man will likely be very aroused by your natural ability to take control. This could make for a good long-term match both in and out of the bedroom.

You’ll Feel Like the Center of the World

A Pisces man can get lost in his head, and on occasion, you’ll notice he’s not fully paying attention. But when he is enveloped in the excitement of your young sex life, he will likely be all-consumed by your presence.

You can coax him more deeply into intrigue with physical touch. This is very grounding for your Pisces man. They especially like being caressed on the head, since this is a major erogenous zone for this water sign.

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10 Signs It’s Too Soon to Sleep With Your Pisces Man

So you’re attracted to your Pisces man and may be ready to take things to the next level. But how will you know that it’s the right time? Here are 10 signs that you may be sleeping with a Pisces guy too soon:

1. His Body Language Is Closed Off

A Pisces man will give you plenty of eye contact. He’ll want to stare into your soul and get lost in conversation with you. But if his arms are crossed or his legs are pointed away from you, it’s a sign that he’s not ready to open up just yet.

This could mean that he isn’t interested in sleeping together yet, or that he is very nervous about the situation. He may still be assessing whether or not you are interested in him. So he may not know how to act naturally.

In addition to his body language, you should assess how you two connect physically. Are you regularly holding hands? Making out? Giving each other small massages?

Physical contact is very sensually stimulating for the Pisces man. So if you already have a good amount of this in the relationship, it’s safe to say he is attracted to you.

In this case, you can try adjusting your body language when he is closed off as a way to encourage him to open up.

Over time, you may notice different physical behaviors. Your Pisces man may fully face you, lean forward into conversations, and even make suggestive embraces. This is when you’ll know that he’s ready to sleep with you.

2. He’s Vague About His Feelings

If you try to pry into a Pisces man’s emotions, he’ll likely give you smoke and mirrors in return. The Pisces man is good at keeping his true thoughts and feelings veiled behind a fog.

This is particularly true when he isn’t ready to open himself up and doesn’t feel fully comfortable or safe.

He knows exactly how to reveal character traits you’ll like and hide the ones you won’t. This is because he is great at reading others and modifying himself accordingly.

This isn’t so great for you if you’re thinking about getting intimate with your Pisces man. Since he isn’t giving you his full self, which isn’t really fair or equal when it comes to sexual intimacy and dating.

You may notice he gives you vague answers when you question him about the relationship, sexuality, or the future. He may also try to change the subject or avoid the topics altogether.

These are clear signs that this sensitive water sign isn’t ready to be vulnerable emotionally. It’s best to wait a little longer before sleeping with your Pisces man.

3. You’re Not Spending Alone Time Together

Pisces men crave one-on-one time with the person they’re interested in. So if you find that he’s always making excuses to avoid spending time alone with you, it’s a sign that he’s not ready for a relationship just yet.

This may be because you’re both in a very early stage of the relationship and haven’t spent much alone time together. Instead of initiating sex, ask him to join you for another activity such as a meal at a nice restaurant or a game night at your house.

Since your Pisces guy can get lost in his head, it’s possible that he isn’t catching on and needs a reminder from you to get into a more intimate setting.

4. He Pushes Your Buttons

Pisces men are usually kind souls and you can trust that they have good intentions. However, they may inadvertently push your buttons. This is because your Pisces man is a highly emotional creature.

These men feel things deeply and sometimes struggle to understand or express their emotions.

As a result, they may unintentionally say or do things that upset you. If this happens, try to be patient and understanding. Explain how you feel and why their words or actions bothered you.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to set boundaries. If a Pisces man is crossing a line, let him know. He’ll likely be sorry and will do his best to make things right.

This may hold you back from having your first intimate encounter. It’s important for you two to work out communication styles and boundaries first.

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5. He Isn’t Consistent With Communication

Have you noticed that your Pisces guy hasn’t been texting you back with consistency? Or maybe he never calls? This is a warning sign that it’s too soon to be getting in bed together.

He may not be doing this intentionally, but it’s still a clear sign that your Pisces man’s head is in the clouds and he’s distracted by the rest of his life. Pisces men lack focus and can often be forgetful so it’s important to have patience with him.

This isn’t to say that your Pisces man doesn’t care about you, but it does mean that he isn’t ready to make a commitment. If you want to progress your relationship, you’ll need to have a serious talk with him about communication.

Otherwise, you’ll be left wondering where you stand.

6. He Acts Childlike or Immature

A Pisces man can be quite innocent and childlike. This is one of the things you find so charming about him. However, there is a line between being childlike and being immature.

If your Pisces man is still acting like a teenager, it’s probably too soon to be getting in bed together. He may not be ready for the responsibility that comes with a physical relationship.

He may act out by picking fights, both playful and aggressive ones. He may also create drama in your life, be it with your friends or family. These behaviors are actually a form of avoidance.

They’re strong indicators that your Pisces man feels things are moving too fast and can’t commit.

This can lead to some of the nastiest Pisces breakups because of the Pisces man wanting to get under your skin instead of talking things out. Make sure not to get yourself too wrapped up in his games.

7. He’s Hurt Emotionally

I’ve seen the Pisces man make a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to their emotions. They tend to wear their heart on their sleeve which can make them very vulnerable.

If your Pisces man is hurt, he may lash out at you or withdraw completely. He may also try to make you feel guilty for something that isn’t your fault. It’s important not to take his behavior as a personal reflection on you.

If you can, try to talk to him about what’s going on. If he’s receptive, he’ll likely open up and tell you what’s bothering him. Otherwise, give him some space to work through his emotions and hold off on sleeping together as soon as you may want to.

8. He Isn’t Over a Previous Love

A Pisces man is very susceptible to heartbreak because he falls in love with ease. If he’s recently been hurt, it’s likely that he isn’t ready to move on yet.

You may find that your Pisces man still talks about his ex or compare you to her. He may also get upset over things that remind him of her. These are all signs that he hasn’t healed from his previous relationship and is still carrying baggage.

This is a big sign that you may be sleeping with a Pisces guy too early. Wait until he is more emotionally available for you or move on if you want things to move a bit faster.

9. He Acts Passive Aggressive

Your Pisces man can be very passive-aggressive. If he’s upset, he may not tell you. Instead, he’ll act out in indirect ways.

This will usually manifest as a snide comment such as, “I’m fine,” when you can tell he’s anything but. He may also give you the silent treatment or withdraw completely.

This behavior is a defense mechanism for your Pisces man. It’s his way of protecting himself from getting hurt again. If you want things to progress, you’ll need to talk to him about how he really feels. In the meantime, don’t hop in bed with him yet.

10. He’s Too Attached in the Relationship

In contrast to the other items on this list, this one is more of a warning for you to be careful. If your Pisces man is already too attached, it may mean that he’s getting ahead of himself.

You may find that your Pisces man is always wanting to be around you or texting you constantly. This may mean that when he sleeps with you, your Pisces man will be even more clingy.

If you’re not ready for that level of commitment, it’s probably best to wait until you and your Pisces man can have a conversation. Let him know that you need to slow things down and keep your options open at the moment.

Can Pisces Man Do Friends With Benefits?

Since Pisces men are often very fluid and free with their affections, it’s possible that he may be interested in a friends-with-benefits situation.

However, it’s important to remember that Pisces men are also very emotional. If you start sleeping with him without any commitment, he may start to develop feelings for you.

While he won’t be overbearing and jealous, he may act very hurt, which could in turn make you feel guilty. It’s important to manage his expectations by openly communicating what you both want.

This will help to ground this relationship, which, is necessary for the ever-floating Piscean.

How Do You Know if a Pisces Man Is Serious About You

Relationships are very important to Pisces men. They want to be with someone they can trust and feel comfortable with.

If your Pisces man is getting serious about you, he’ll start to open up about his feelings. He’ll also become more protective of you and may even start talking about a future together. He will mention things like kids, adventures, and marriage.

Since the Pisces man is a mutable sign, he’s always changing and growing. This means that he’s going to want to know about your feelings too. He’ll be willing to make adjustments to your needs so that his dream relationship can become a reality.

Of course, every Pisces man is different. Some may move slower than others. The best way to know if he’s getting serious is to ask him directly how he feels about you. Be prepared for an honest answer.

He’ll tell you exactly how he feels and will be mindful of your feelings as well.

Final Thoughts on Pisces Men

Sleeping with a Pisces man too soon can lead to heartache and regret – for both of you. If you want things to progress slowly and have a lasting relationship, it’s important to listen to the signs he’s giving you.

In the meantime, you can delve deeper into learning about your Pisces man. Pisces Man Secrets is a complete guide to understanding the Pisces man in love, in bed, and in a relationship. It can help you figure out what he really wants and how to get him to commit.

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