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How Does a Pisces Man Test You? 11 Ways a Pisces Will Test You Revealed!

how does a pisces man test you

Dating a mutable water sign like the Pisces can be challenging. He’s always looking for the optimal emotional connection, and that might include testing you a little bit. So how does a Pisces man test you? Look no further!

A Pisces man will test a potential future partner by checking their availability, communication, empathy, and loyalty. He may also give you mixed signals or ignore your communications from time to time.

After dating and searching for “the one” for years, you might begin to feel burned out. If you’re like me and spend lots of time on dating apps, you may feel drained in today’s fast-paced dating world. Finding someone you connect with is not always an easy or overnight task.

As a Sagittarius, I often find myself frustrated and overwhelmed at the idea of dating. It sometimes feels never-ending and so wildly unpredictable to me.

After dating nearly every star sign, I began to wonder if I was simply destined to be alone forever. However, throughout my dating efforts, I have learned quite a lot.

I now feel way more comfortable and confident in my own skin and with my own dating decisions than ever before. I now know what to look for, whether I am dating an airy Gemini man or a water sign, such as a Pisces.

So you may be wondering where you stand in his mind. Or whether he wants to pursue the relationship further. Learning how a Pisces man tests you can help you understand his own motives and perspective.

How does a Pisces Man test you?

When you are dating any water sign such as a Pisces, knowing how he will test you is essential to protect your own feelings. You will also avoid feeling lost in the relationship yourself.

He Wants to Test Your Availability

A Pisces man loves deeply and thoroughly. As a water sign, he is rife with emotions and caring traits. Most Pisces are extremely empathetic, devoted, and loyal. These traits make them ideal partners for those seeking long-lasting commitments. Pisces are also ideal partners for monogamous relationships.

When you begin dating a Pisces, you may discover that he often tests your availability. Have you noticed your Pisces man canceling or changing plans with you at the very last minute? Are you unsure of when your Pisces is free and available for a date himself?

That’s his way of testing his prospective partners by their availability based on the type of relationship or level of commitment he is seeking.

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He Will Test Your Compatibility

A Pisces considers loved ones essential in life. One way he will put your relationship to the test is by testing the compatibility with your own family members and close friends as well as his.

If a prospective partner does not get along with the family and friends of a Pisces man, it becomes difficult to continue the relationship. Strains between a Pisces man’s family and yourself will ultimately drive a wedge between the two of you.

A Pisces Man May Give You Mixed Signals

When dating a Pisces, you may find that he is both hot and cold at times, leaving you confused and bewildered. He’s more likely to give mixed signals when he is testing you or when he is feeling conflicted.

For me, as a Sagittarius, this is frustrating! Especially when I am ready to make serious and swift decisions in my own life and with my own relationships.

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A Pisces Man Might Ignore Your Communications

Have you noticed that he is ignoring your texts and phone calls after a fight? If so, this is not uncommon, especially for a Pisces man.

He is much more emotional than other signs, such as a Scorpio or Leo man, especially upfront. With a Pisces man, it requires some time to regain balance emotionally and mentally. Once he feels balanced, he can then easily discuss his emotions.

He May Shut Down From Time to Time

Anyone who is a Pisces is likely to experience extreme emotions and feelings from time to time. If you are dating one, you may notice that he will shut down completely from time to time.

This is not uncommon and may require you to muster more patience and strength than you thought you had (or maybe that’s just me).

When a Pisces man shuts down mentally and emotionally, it is best not to immediately assume anything. There is no way to tell if it has to do with you or the relationship you share with one another before speaking.

He could just simply be shutting down in order to gather his thoughts or to find relief from a situation he is in.

He Will Test Your Level of Empathy

When you are dating a water sign, expect that he will test your level of empathy.

He may ask questions that cause you to ponder your own deep inner feelings and thoughts. He may want to get to know how various situations cause you to feel in order to detect how empathetic you are toward others and the world around you.

A Pisces man just wants to get to know you on a deeper and more intimate level. He may do so before pursuing a more serious and committed relationship with you.

A Pisces Man Wants to Know Your Company

Although Pisces value their own “pack” or family and friends above all else, they will also want to get to know the company you keep.

He evaluates your social circle and is likely to ask questions about your relatives, your childhood, and even close friends you have in your life. This can happen as soon as your first date.

To him, there is nothing more important than the ones you love, cherish, and remain loyal to, especially when it comes to family and friends. If a Pisces is not comfortable with the company you keep, he is less likely to stick around.

He Might Try to Test Your Emotions

Toying with another’s emotions is never a good idea, nor is it kind. However, a Pisces may do this unknowingly or even subconsciously in order to ensure he is with the right mate or partner.

When you begin arguing or disagreeing with a Pisces, it is imperative to keep your wits about you and to avoid giving in to your own emotions.

He may put your emotions to the test to determine if you are level-headed enough for him. If he avoids conflict at all costs, he will not want to stay in a relationship with a partner who is hot-headed. Nor is he looking for a partner unable to control their own emotions and impulses.

A Pisces man may find passion and temper attractive initially, but they will wear on him over time. An individual who is not quick to react emotionally or with a temper tantrum is best-suited for a Pisces man.

He May Withdraw and Isolate Himself

You may notice that your Pisces man is withdrawing and isolating himself more than usual. Unfortunately, this is not entirely uncommon for Pisces, especially if he feels overwhelmed mentally and emotionally.

If you have recently argued with Pisces or if he is going through tough times in his own personal and work life, he may exhibit signs of withdrawal and isolation.

He Might Ignore You After a Fight

After you have a fight with a Pisces man, he often withdraws or even ignores you. Being ignored certainly does not feel good, but it also does not mean that your relationship is over or in jeopardy.

If you are feeling ignored by a Pisces after getting into a fight, it is best to steer clear and give him the time he needs to feel better again.

Avoid texting, calling, or bombarding him with messages and communications. If he feels smothered and overwhelmed, he is less likely to feel positive about continuing to pursue the relationship you have together.

A Pisces Man May Question Your Loyalty

At times, a Pisces man may question the loyalty you have to him and your relationship. While this is not a healthy indicator once you have been together and committed for years, it is not uncommon for Pisces men in the beginning stages of dating or when entering a monogamous relationship.

When a Pisces man questions your loyalty to the relationship, he wants to figure out how you feel about the relationship and your future together. He may be conflicted about how he feels and he may want to know where you believe the relationship is headed.

If you feel attacked by having your loyalty questioned, it is important to communicate with one another to settle the issue. It is also important to avoid assuming that having a discussion about loyalty and commitment means that there is trouble in your relationship.

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Final thoughts

Dating does not have to feel as if it is a never-ending rat race, especially once you become more in-tune with your own wants and needs.

By familiarizing yourself with star signs and getting to know how a Pisces man acts in a relationship, you can take more control over the direction and trajectory of your own life and future.

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