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Venus in 12th house: An Intuitive and Loving Nature

venus in 12th house

People with Venus in 12th House natives are deeply romantic souls. Considered the planet of love, Venus influences these individuals to create a world within their relationship that is built on trust, devotion, and self-sacrifice. When the line between their own requirements and those of their partner blurs, they may find themselves feeling overwhelmed by … Read more

Moon In 5th House: An Instinctive Creative Imagination

moon in 5th house

The Moon in the Fifth House controls both our conscious feelings and subconscious urges. Playing around with art, being creative, and unlocking your artistic potential are all associated with it. The Moon in the 5th House will bring a sense of mystery to your persona, as if concealing some deep-seated feelings and emotions. You may … Read more

Jupiter in 12th House: Wisdom and Whimsy

jupiter in 12th house

There is something about Jupiter in 12th house that just seems to bring out the best in people. This placement confers a sense of wisdom and whimsy, as well as a deeply spiritual nature. For natives of this placement, life is all about change and transition. They will experience many highs and lows throughout their … Read more

Moon in 7th House: Pursuing and Perfecting Partnerships

moon in 7th house

When the moon is in the 7th house, it is said that our most cherished relationships come into focus. All things social are highlighted, from your ability to connect with others in conversation to the likelihood of finding a romantic long-term partnership. The moon brings a dreamy emotional response to the 7th house, which can encourage … Read more