Mercury in 12th House: Valuable Insights Through Spiritual Studies

mercury in 12th house

When the planet Mercury makes itself at home in the 12th house, spiritual exploration and deep meaningful learning become the center of an individual’s world. Mercury’s ability to quickly process and transfer information paired with the 12th house’s inclination towards the mystical subconscious make for a journey unlike any other, moving through the depths of … Read more

Uranus in 12th House: Exploring The Unconscious Mind and Inner Life

uranus in 12th house

Uranus in 12th house natives are unique individuals with valuable yet rare perspectives and ideas. However, those with this placement often feel alienated and left out of the mainstream motion of society. Both Uranus and the 12th house are associated with abrupt and unpredictable shifts, so their influence can make a person feel unstable and … Read more

Jupiter in 9th House: Expansion and Joy

jupiter in 9th house

Jupiter feels at home in the 9th house, which naturally amplifies this planet’s strengths and ambitions. Those with this placement in their natal charts often want to get out of their ordinary routine and explore new horizons throughout their lives. While Jupiter in 9th house individuals are bright, witty, fun, creative, and energetic, they also … Read more

Uranus In 1st House: The Ego Breaks Free From Old Ideas

uranus in 1st house

Uranus, the planet of rebellion and revolution, takes things to a personal level when it enters the first house. It speaks to the deepest parts of our souls and challenges us to let go of old ideas while redefining our self-image. Those with Uranus in 1st house in their natal chart fearlessly pursue this spiritual work and inspire … Read more

Uranus in 2nd House: Finding Beauty and Joy in Unconventional Ways

uranus in 2nd house

Do you have Uranus in the 2nd house in your birth chart? If so, you’re a fascinating individual with fresh ideas, unique perspectives, and a nearly inexhaustible supply of energy and enthusiasm to help you make your dreams come true. Uranus in 2nd house natives are motivated, creative, and experimental individuals that have many tools … Read more