Moon in 7th House: Pursuing and Perfecting Partnerships

moon in 7th house

When the moon is in the 7th house, it is said that our most cherished relationships come into focus. All things social are highlighted, from your ability to connect with others in conversation to the likelihood of finding a romantic long-term partnership. The moon brings a dreamy emotional response to the 7th house, which can encourage … Read more

Moon in 3rd House: Social Sensitivity and Empathy

moon in 3rd house

When the watery and emotional moon melds with the fast-moving cleverness of the 3rd house, the social senses are heightened. This placement gives people a near-psychic ability when it comes to reading people’s emotions and feelings. While this can help increase social skills, it can also be a double-edged sword as it enables a person … Read more

Moon in 8th House: Confronting Underlying Emotions and Conflicts

moon in 8th house

When the Moon is in the 8th house of astrology, there may be a major loss around the corner. This could manifest as a sudden accident, an untimely death, financial surprises, and the unraveling of relationships. It could also look like a series of disappointments and unfulfilled desires, which we generally refer to as “bad … Read more