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12 Signs a Scorpio Man Is Playing You. Know For Certain When Scorpio Men Play You!

signs a scorpio man is playing you

Scorpios are known for being complex. They’re secretive, intense, and often have a reputation for being difficult to read or understand. But in reality, it’s not that hard to tell that something’s off if you know the basics about the Scorpio man. I’ve compiled 12 signs that can help you tell if a Scorpio man is playing you:

  1. He only wants to hang out at home
  2. He isn’t interested in meeting your friends & family
  3. He calls you his friend
  4. He hasn’t introduced you to anyone
  5. The conversations aren’t deep
  6. He’s emotionally distant
  7. His mood changes frequently
  8. He cancels plans regularly
  9. He’s secretive
  10. He’s nervous to discuss the future
  11. He doesn’t flirt with you
  12. He doesn’t compliment you

Read on to learn more about how a Scorpio man will play you with these behaviors.

Signs a Scorpio Man Is Playing You

Scorpios can get caught up in dating games. They enjoy the challenge of pursuing a new person and can overindulge in this pursuit. Scorpios are generally loyal to their partners. But if they have another woman on the side, they are unlikely to tell you.

If you pay attention to these 12 signs, you won’t be caught off guard and will be able to bring it to his attention.

He Only Wants to Hang Out at Home

Scorpios aren’t as social as others and enjoy spending time alone. However, if you have been dating for more than a couple of weeks and he never wants to take you out, it might be a sign that he isn’t serious.

Even the introverted Scorpio understands that going out on dates is a part of the dating process. Even if he isn’t interested in traditional dates or doesn’t have a lot of money, he knows of ways to get out.

He may be avoiding taking you out because he knows that once he does, it will be harder to break things off. He may be trying to avoid making it seem official by never doing anything more specific than hanging out.

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He Isn’t Interested in Meeting Your Friends & Family

Scorpio men like to understand their partners on deeper levels. One way they do this is by getting to know your family and friends.

They can learn a lot about you by meeting the people you are close to. Scorpio men want to feel like they’re a part of your life. It’s important for them that the people closest to you accept him as well.

If he doesn’t take an interest in getting to know your loved ones, then there is something more serious going on. He may say he has anxiety about meeting them in general.

To decide whether this is truthful, take a look at the rest of his life. Does he hang out with other people’s friends and family? If he’s making an exception and avoiding your closest loved ones, it’s probably because he doesn’t want to be seen in front of them.

Your Scorpio Man Calls You His Friend

It can be awkward to know what to call each other during the early phases of dating. Even at the beginning of a committed relationship, it’s hard to get used to titles. However, if your Scorpio man refers to you as his friend, this is a sign that he’s avoiding commitment.

He may be using the term “friend” to avoid calling you his girlfriend or lover. If this is the case, it might indicate a larger issue he has about getting close with you.

Other things he may call you to put you in the friend zone include sweetheart, baby, honey, or babe. While these names are more affectionate than “friend”, they don’t equal commitment.

He Hasn’t Introduced You to Anyone 

If your Scorpio guy hasn’t introduced you to any of his family or friends after a few months, then there’s a good chance that he isn’t interested in you.

He doesn’t want to show you off, either because he is embarrassed by the kind of person you are or he wants to keep his private life private. When a Scorpio man wants to be exclusive, he will introduce you to the important people in his life.

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The Conversations Aren’t Deep

A Scorpio player is interested in talking about one thing – sex! He may have lots to say when it comes to seduction and sexuality. But he may become bored when the conversation turns to something more serious.

This is a clear sign that you’re being played. Scorpios strive for meaningful deep conversations with serious partners. If he isn’t willing to ask about other areas of your life such as work or health or family, he’s not interested in you.

He’s Emotionally Distant

When Scorpios choose to be emotionally distant, it’s because they’re guarding themselves. They are represented by the scorpion, a creature with a tough shell to crack.

They thrive on emotional connection, but can only have it with those they feel closest to. Unfortunately, if he isn’t comfortable opening up to you, you’re not on his inner-circle list.

If you’re in a new relationship with this Scorpio guy, then have patience here. Scorpios take time to open up to people and it certainly doesn’t happen after the first date or two.

If you’re still struggling with having open dialogues a month or longer into the dating, then he may not be interested.

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His Mood Changes Frequently

You may notice that your Scorpio man can be loving and flirtatious at certain times. But then he suddenly becomes cold, dismissive, and withdrawn.

This could be a sign that he is on the fence about whether he wants to date you and is unsure how to let go in moments.

As mentioned before, a Scorpio may take a while to open up. This means you may notice some hot and cold behavior as he tries to balance his feelings for you.

If he is playing you, his moods are likely changing because he is adding drama to the relationship. This will keep you interested just enough to stay with him, but not enough to get too attached.

He Cancels Plans Regularly

One of the easiest ways to tell if your Scorpio man is playing you is by taking a look at his availability. If he regularly cancels dates, he may be accommodating another woman. The poor planning may mean he is struggling with balancing two (or more) relationships.

You may notice that he is eager to see you at first. Then, as the dates start piling up and his time becomes more limited, he begins canceling or leaving early if a better opportunity comes along.

It’s best not to try to win the affection of this man and be the “best woman”. Scorpios are fixed signs, meaning that they know what they want and become very set on winning it. If he’s choosing other activities and women over you, it’s because he doesn’t want to be with you.

Make sure you understand his situation before making an assumption here. He may genuinely be overloaded with work obligations or going through some personal stress. It’s best if you directly ask him if he’s seeing other people if you notice he isn’t available for dates.

He’s Secretive

It’s easy for a Scorpio man to be secretive. If he is playing games with women, he can compartmentalize them so they never know what’s happening.

There are some ways to tell if a Scorpio man is being secretive to avoid telling you about other women in his life. One sign is that he may be vague about his relationship status when you first meet. If you never clearly heard him say that he is single and looking for love, then he may be hiding a relationship already.

If you see him covering his phone or worrying about you seeing what’s on his laptop, this is another strong sign he has something to hide. He may not even invite you over to his apartment, afraid you will discover clues about other women who may have been there.

It can be hard to catch a Scorpio in the act, but if you do, it’s best not to continue the relationship.

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He’s Nervous to Discuss the Future

Scorpios don’t often change their plans for other people. With a small group of loved ones, they feel safe enough to share their hopes and dreams for the future. If he’s not willing to open up about his goals and aspirations, then he’s likely playing you.

He is more likely to act quietly in these moments rather than promise you a big false future he knows will never happen. Take this subtle hint as a way to confirm that this Scorpio guy may not see you as long-term material.

He Doesn’t Flirt With You

Scorpios can be aloof, but they also know how to charm women when their hearts are in it. If your Scorpio man isn’t flirting with you at all, it could mean that he isn’t interested in catching your attention. There’s likely another woman who has caught his attention already.

He may be burned out from flirting with several women at once, or may like other women more and not feel the need to try too hard with you.

He Doesn’t Compliment You

Scorpios are very good at reading people, so if your Scorpio man isn’t complimenting you or saying nice things to you, there’s a reason. He may be trying to keep his distance so that you don’t get too emotionally tangled in each other.

If he never says anything about the way you dress, your hair, or your accomplishments, then he probably isn’t trying to charm you with compliments.

If he only compliments you on superficial things such as your beauty or your appearance, then he’s likely just interested in you casually.

Have Patience With Your Scorpio Man Playing Mind Games

Take everything with a grain of salt and remember that Scorpio men take a while to warm up. Many women confuse this with disinterest, cheating, or player behavior.

The good news is that a Scorpio is likely to be honest with you if you ask them the truth. If they say they’re interested in you and that they need a bit more time, it’s ok to trust them. Especially if you see small amounts of progress happening with each date.

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Final Thoughts

Be honest with yourself if there is no deep spark with this Scorpio man. Why do you want to see someone who doesn’t seem to care about whether he spends time with you or not?

Your needs and desires matter as much as his, so take the steps to move on if this Scorpio man isn’t showing signs that he’s into you.

But if you don’t want to give up that easily and have a desire to gain a deep knowledge of the Scorpio Man, grab a copy of Scorpio Man Secrets.