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How to Get a Scorpio Man to Chase You? 10 Ways Revealed!

how to get a scorpio man to chase you

Every girl wants a Scorpio man to chase her, but how do you get one? It’s all about your attitude and what you say. This article will teach you everything you need to know about getting a Scorpio guy to pursue you!

I’ve previously let you know my top 9 tips for attracting a Scorpio man into your life. If you followed these steps and have the attention of this special guy, you’re ready to take the next step!

It’s time to learn how to get a Scorpio man to chase you. Once he starts to chase you, you have a great chance of capturing his heart. Scorpios don’t put effort into something they don’t want. So once he’s pursuing you, it means he’s interested!

Here are 10 ways to get a Scorpio man to pursue you:

  1. Take Care of Your Appearance
  2. Don’t Be Too Available for Him
  3. Soften Your Attitude Towards Him
  4. Be Mysterious and Play Hard to Get
  5. Seduce Him With Your Words
  6. Make Him Feel Special
  7. Engage Him Intellectually
  8. Let Him Help You
  9. Let Him Be in Charge
  10. Don’t Be Dishonest With Him

These tips will definitely help you get the Scorpio man of your dreams to chase you! I know they worked for me.

Remember, it’s important to be yourself and let him see all of your amazing qualities. Once he does, he’ll be hooked. Good luck!

How to Get a Scorpio Man to Chase You

1. Take Care of Your Appearance

When trying to attract a Scorpio man, always be mindful of your appearance. Scorpios are drawn to physical beauty and they will definitely notice if you take care of yourself. Make sure that you wear clothes that fit well and make you look good. Also, pay attention to your hair and makeup. You want to look put together and sexy!

Don’t give it all away off the bat. While your look should be attractive and inviting, it should also be slightly modest. This will give him something to imagine and keep him fantasizing about you.

2. Don’t Be Too Available for Him

Make sure he knows that there are other people in your life. You don’t want him getting comfortable and thinking the only person that’s attracted to you is him. That’s not good for either of you! If he sees how happy you can be without him, it will only make him want you more.

Make sure to balance your time between him and your friends. This is a better approach than completely prioritizing others over him. You don’t want him to feel unimportant in your life. If he does, he may find the challenge too difficult and move on.

3. Soften Your Attitude Towards Him

Scorpio men have a dominant personality, so if your attitude isn’t submissive towards him it might be off-putting. Scorpios are also very emotional, so it’s important to be understanding and supportive. If you can do this, he’ll definitely chase you!

Simply being nice to him can go a long way. Use a calm and soothing voice when you talk to him and let your body language reflect this as well. This will help him know that you’re not intimidated by his intense personality and that it’s safe for him to share.

4. Be Mysterious and Play Hard to Get

One of the best ways to get a Scorpio man to pursue you is by being mysterious. Keep some things hidden from him at first. You can say things like, “that’s a long story, perhaps told on another night with a bottle of wine”. This will intrigue him and make him want to know more about you.

You can also play small games with him. Let him make guesses about you or your life, but don’t give away too much information until he starts to show an interest in you. Drop clues, tell jokes, and do whatever you can think of to keep things fun and engaging. Scorpios love a good mind puzzle.

Scorpios are drawn in by mystery. They want to unravel all of your secrets and figure you out. You should keep him wondering what’s going on inside your head at all times. It will drive him crazy, but it’ll also make him more interested in chasing you as a partner.

5. Seduce Him With Your Words

Scorpios love having deep and meaningful conversations. They’re very intelligent people, so you don’t want to bore them with small talk! Get into some interesting discussions and learn about his beliefs and opinions. Ask him questions that will get him revealing more of himself than he usually would.

Use colorful and emotional language. Scorpios are very poetic and descriptive. They would love to hear you speak like that. Also, be sure to talk about yourself as well. He’s going to be asking a lot of questions about your life, so prepare some interesting answers for him in advance.

Make sure to pepper in flirtatious comments as well. Compliment him on his intelligence or how good he is at solving problems. Let him know that you find him attractive and interesting. This will definitely make him want to pursue you!

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6. Make Him Feel Special

One of the best ways to make a Scorpio man chase you is by making him feel special. This guy needs a lot of validation, so be sure to give it to him.

Show interest in his life and what he’s doing. Remember all of those deep conversations you had? Continue having them! Let him know how much you appreciate him and everything he shares with you. Make comments such as “That’s impressive!” or “I’ve never heard of that before, tell me more!”.

These small comments will have a huge impact on him. He’ll start to feel like you’re really invested in the relationship and that he’s not just another conquest for you.

7. Engage Him Intellectually

Scorpios are sapiosexuals, which means that they’re attracted to intelligence. If you can keep up with him intellectually, he’ll be drawn to you like a moth to a flame!

Make sure to ask him lots of questions about himself and his interests. Share your own thoughts and opinions on the things he tells you about. Be prepared for some deep conversations – these are right up Scorpios’ alley!

Talking about things like politics, art, or philosophy will make him want to pursue you even more. He’ll be thrilled that he has someone who can keep up with his intellect and discuss complex topics with him. If you do this, he’s bound to chase after you.

Consider inviting him to a museum or a lecture at your local college. You could also sign up for classes together on a subject you both enjoy.

8. Let Him Help You

Scorpios love being needed. If you’re in need of some help, ask him for it! He’ll be happy to assist you and will probably even brag about how useful he is around the house. This is because having someone who needs him makes him feel important.

Make sure to take advantage of this by asking him for favors occasionally. He’ll be more than happy to help you out! Just make sure not to overdo it – Scorpios can sense when someone is too needy or desperate.

When he’s done helping you, give him a big hug (or even a kiss!) to show your appreciation. You can also take him out for a nice dinner or buy him a gift as a thank you. This will make him feel very special and loved. Just the way he likes it!

You can also let your Scorpio man know that you’d like some help by asking his opinion on things. You can ask for advice about work, family, or relationships. He’ll be happy to give you his thoughts on the matter and will probably offer some helpful insights. When he sees how much you value his opinion, he’ll definitely want to pursue a deeper connection with you.

9. Let Him Be in Charge

Scorpios love being in charge. It makes them feel powerful and secure. If you let him take the lead occasionally, he’ll be drawn to you like a magnet!

This doesn’t mean that you have to give up all control and let him do whatever he wants. But try giving him some power in certain areas of your life. Let him make the decisions sometimes, even if they’re not major ones.

He’ll appreciate your trust in him and will want to deepen the connection between you both. Plus, it’s always a turn-on for men when a woman trusts them implicitly.

You can also let him take the lead in bed. This is a surefire way to get him to open up intimately and emotionally. Let him know that you want to be swept off of your feet and that you love when he initiates. He will be completely enamored and ready to chase you when you share these sentiments.

10. Don’t Be Dishonest With Him

As your relationship deepens with a Scorpio man, trust and honesty will become a bigger component of the relationship.

If you’re not 100% honest with him, he’ll sense it immediately. Scorpios are extremely perceptive and can pick up on even the smallest lies or inconsistencies in your stories.

Don’t worry about hurting his feelings – if he feels like he can trust you, then any disagreement will just blow over quickly. He actually prefers to be honest and upfront with people, even if it means a disagreement every now and then.

If you’re not honest with him, he’ll eventually lose trust in you – and once that trust is gone, it’s very hard to get it back. So be sure to always tell the truth! He’ll appreciate your honesty and will want to deepen the connection between you.

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Final Thoughts

These are some great ways to get a Scorpio man interested in you! If you’re looking for love, then try these tips out and see if they work on your Scorpio guy. He’ll definitely be chasing after you before too long!

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