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How to Make a Virgo Man Chase You. 9 Ways Revealed!


Virgo men are known to be the most analytical of all zodiac signs. They’re also considered to be perfectionists, which can make them difficult to deal with sometimes.

If you want to learn how to make a Virgo man chase you, you’ll need to learn how they think and act when it comes to relationships.

I’ve always found these earth signs to be the most loyal and supportive partners, once you’ve won their hearts. A Virgo man is capable of channeling my fiery Sagittarius passion and turning it into a stable, long-lasting relationship.

So how do you make a Virgo man chase you? Here are my top 9 tips:

  1. Show Him Your Confidence
  2. Be Honest and Open
  3. Ask For His Help
  4. Help Him to Achieve His Goals
  5. Take Care of Your Hygiene & Appearance
  6. Have Patience
  7. Plan an Adventure in Nature With Him
  8. Show Him How Smart You Are
  9. Show Him That You’re Laid Back

If you follow the advice in this blog post, your Virgo man will be completely wrapped around your finger in no time.

Finding a way to both integrate these approaches while being yourself will get you the result you want.

How to Make a Virgo Man Chase You

1. Show Him Your Confidence

The first thing you’ll need to do if you want to make a Virgo man chase you is to show him your confidence. This doesn’t mean you need to become arrogant or overly self-assured.

Instead, focus on being straightforward about your feelings. Virgo men are ruled by the planet Mercury, which is known as the planet of communication. They appreciate a woman that isn’t afraid to be direct and honest in her dealings with them.

If you can show your Virgo man that you’re confident in who you are, he’ll be drawn to you like a moth to a flame. You can increase your confidence by dressing in a way that makes you feel good about yourself. You can also practice self-affirmations, and spend time with positive people.

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2. Be Honest and Open

If you want to get noticed by a Virgo man, don’t play games with him. Don’t string him along or give mixed signals that leave him feeling confused. Be upfront about your intentions if you’re interested in him romantically, instead of playing hard to get.

This honesty will be appreciated by Virgo men, and it will also make them more likely to trust you. Trust is very important to these signs, so don’t betray that trust if you want to keep him interested in you.

You can increase your ability, to be honest and open by practicing self-reflection. Be more mindful of the people around you, keep an open mind about new things, and avoid gossip.

3. Ask For His Help

One of the things that Virgo men love to do is help others. If you need help with something, don’t be afraid to ask your Virgo man for assistance. He’ll be more than happy to help you out and he’ll feel appreciated by you.

In fact, this type of interaction can actually help to strengthen your bond with him. He’ll feel like he’s able to support you and make a difference in your life, which will make him even more interested in chasing you.

One way you can ask this natural problem solver for help includes asking him to give you life advice. You can also let him help you fix something around the house or garden, and ask for his assistance with a task at work.

4. Help Him to Achieve His Goals

Another thing that Virgo men love is a woman that supports them in their endeavors. If you can help him to achieve his goals, he’ll be very appreciative of your support.

You can do this by listening to him when he talks about what’s important to him. You can then offer encouragement and positive feedback. Don’t be afraid to directly ask him what you can do to be of service.

In addition, make an effort to learn about his goals and dreams. This will show him that you’re truly interested in him and what he cares about. You can support him even further by helping him to plan and achieve his goals. Help him to break them down into small, manageable steps and then offer to help him take the necessary action.

The highly analytical Virgo man will be very appreciative of your support and he’ll find you more attractive as a result.

5. Take Care of Your Hygiene & Appearance

One of the things that Virgo men are very particular about is hygiene and appearance. If you want to make a good impression on him, be sure to take care of your personal grooming habits and dress in a tasteful manner.

Virgo men appreciate women who take pride in their appearance. Be sure to wear clothes that fit well and make you look your best.

In addition, be mindful of your personal hygiene. Wash your hair regularly, brush your teeth, and use deodorant. These small details can make a big difference in how attractive Virgo men find you.

Virgo men prefer fresh and natural scents, so avoid using too much perfume or cologne. A light application of vanilla or lavender essential oil can be a subtle way to make yourself smell appealing to him.

While he may appreciate some light makeup to accentuate your features, avoid heavy makeup that makes you look like someone else. Virgo men prefer women who are their natural selves and don’t resort to artificial enhancements.

6. Have Patience

When it comes to relationships, Virgos take things slow and steady. They want to be sure that they’re making the right decision before they commit themselves fully. If you can show your Virgo man that you’re patient and understanding of this, he’ll be more likely to take interest in you.

Virgo men want partners who can listen patiently when they talk about their feelings and ideas. They also appreciate it if you give them the space that they need so that they can come to terms with how they feel on a deeper level.

Support your Virgo man with patience by not pressuring him to make a commitment or move too fast. Allow him the time he needs to get to know you better and explore the relationship at his own pace.

7. Plan an Adventure in Nature With Him

Virgo men love the outdoors and physical activities. If you can plan an adventure in nature with your Virgo man, he’ll definitely take interest in you.

Look for outdoor activities that are both challenging and relaxing for a great date day. You could choose anything from hiking up a mountain or going on a whitewater rafting trip. For something more relaxed, consider an outdoor picnic.

Virgo men will appreciate the time and effort that you put into planning this adventure. They’ll feel like they can really rely on your judgment and decision-making skills in a challenging situation.

Not to mention, Virgos love anything that involves physical activity or requires them to use their brains.

8. Show Him How Smart You Are

Virgos are highly analytical and they love intelligent women. If you can show your Virgo man that you’re smart and know what you’re talking about, he’ll be more likely to take interest in you.

Be sure to read up on topics that interest him so that you can carry on a conversation with him about them. In addition, be prepared to answer his questions with intelligence and insight.

Virgos love a woman who can keep up with them intellectually. They find it very attractive and intriguing when a woman knows what she’s talking about.

Make sure that you’re well-read on current events and knowledgeable about various topics. This will make you irresistible to your Virgo man.

9. Show Him That You’re Laid Back

Virgo men can be high-strung, especially when they’re in a new relationship. If you can show your Virgo man that you’re laid back and not high-maintenance, he’ll be more likely to take interest in you.

Be sure to avoid making too many demands of him or trying to control his behavior. Don’t put pressure on him by expecting things from him at certain times or trying to micromanage the relationship.

Virgos are attracted to women who are low-maintenance and easygoing. They want a partner they can relax and have fun with, without all the drama.

Be yourself and let your Virgo man see that you’re not someone who’s always looking for problems or things to stress about.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to make a Virgo man chase you, be sure to follow the tips in this article. Keep in mind that it may take some time for him to fully open up and commit himself to the relationship. But if you’re patient and understanding, he’ll eventually come around.

If you’re ready for an even deeper dive into the mind of the Virgo man, check out Virgo Man Secrets by Anna Kovach. This complete guide will show you how to quickly and easily get into the mind of a Virgo man. Then you can use his perspective to attract him, build trust with him, and create an intimate relationship.

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