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10 Tested Ways How to Get a Leo Man to Chase You

how to get a leo man to chase you

Leo men are known for being attracted to confident women. If you want to catch the eye of a Leo man, you need to show him that you’re not afraid to go after what you want in life. How to get a Leo man to chase you? Be passionate and have a fiery personality.

I relate a lot to the Leo man as a Sagittarius woman and fellow fire sign. On a date, I worked hard to match their bright personalities and effortless charm. I can attest, it takes quite a bit of effort to get their attention and keep it!

However, don’t let this worry you. If you’re funny, thoughtful, and have a basic understanding of the Leo man’s personality, you’ll be just fine.

One of the best ways to get a Leo man to chase you is by igniting his passion. He is a fire sign that is turned on by excitement and adventure. So, if you can show him that you’re a fun-loving person with a zest for life, he’ll be hooked.

When he sees that you’re not just another woman, but someone who is exciting and full of life, he won’t be able to resist wanting more. Be sure to let him know how you feel about

Here are 10 ways you can get a Leo man to chase you:

  1. Use Your Sense of Humor
  2. Flirt With Him Shamelessly 
  3. Make Him Feel Like the Only Man in the Room 
  4. Show Him Your Playfulness
  5. Compliment His Strength and Passion 
  6. Be Supportive of His Goals and Dreams 
  7. Dress to Impress
  8. Act Spontaneous
  9. Show Him Your Self Confidence
  10. Seduce Him

How to Get a Leo Man to Chase You: 10 Ways

1. Use Your Sense of Humor

Humor is one of the best ways to get a Leo man to chase you. Leos love funny women, and they are drawn to those who can make them laugh. So, if you want to get his attention, be sure to show him your funny side.

Don’t forget to laugh at his jokes as well! The Leo man will appreciate it if you are both matched when it comes to humor. This may even lead to a little friendly competition, something that will also drive a Leo man wild.

2. Flirt With Him Shamelessly 

Flirting is a must when trying to attract a Leo man. Leos love compliments, and they love it when women are forward and take control of the situation. So, be sure to flirt with him shamelessly. Touch him often, give him compliments, and make sure he knows that you’re interested in him.

You can also tease him a little bit. Leo men love it when women are feisty and challenging. He will enjoy the chase, but make sure that you’re also letting him know that you’re interested in him and not just wasting his time.

3. Make Him Feel Like the Only Man in the Room 

Leo is ruled by the sun, which is literally the center of the solar system. The Leo man feels comfortable when he is the center of attention. So, make him feel like the only man in the room by giving him your undivided attention.

Stay away from other men when you’re around him and be sure to focus all of your energy on him. Make sure you’re actively listening when he speaks, and give supportive feedback. When a Leo man feels special and important, he will do whatever it takes to keep you around.

4. Show Him Your Playfulness

Leos love a good time, and they are always up for some fun and laughter. So, show him your playful side by being funny and carefree around him. Let him know that you’re not just another serious woman. Be sure to laugh at his jokes and enjoy the moment when you’re together.

One of the best ways to bring some playful energy into the relationship is by thinking of out-of-the-box and silly date ideas. You can go to a theme park, take a fun cooking class, or go ice skating.

Anything that makes you two feel like kids again will be a hit with the Leo man. He will start to miss you when you’re not around and look forward to your next fun adventure.

5. Compliment His Strength and Passion 

The Leo man is represented by the lion, and like a lion, he is strong, powerful, and passionate. So, compliment him on his strength and passion. Let him know that you admire these qualities in him and that you find them very attractive.

If he has been working on a personal or work project, make sure to regularly compliment him on his progress. Let him know that you support and believe in him, and he will love you for it.

He will love it if you compliment his physical strength as well! If you’re lucky enough to have a beach day with your Leo man and he is looking good in his swimsuit, tell him how sexy he looks. He will love the attention and feel like a king with you by his side.

6. Be Supportive of His Goals and Dreams 

Leos are big dreamers. Your Leo man may be an artist, a business owner, or even a politician. This type of man is drawn towards creative and ambitious projects and needs a woman who can understand and support his goals and dreams.

Be sure to ask him about his goals and dreams, and let him know that you admire his drive and determination. Make sure to never make him feel like he is being too ambitious or unrealistic. Let him know that you believe in him and support his dreams, and he will adore you for it.

Offer to help him with his projects or even just provide moral support. He will appreciate all of your help and love the fact that you’re backing him up 100%.

7. Dress to Impress

Leos love a good fashion show, and they are always drawn to beautiful women who know how to dress well. So, make sure you’re dressing your best when you’re around your Leo man.

Choose outfits that compliment your figure and showcase your sexiest features. Be sure to add some glamour and flair to your look with accessories like sparkly necklaces, high heels, and elegant watches. This fire sign will appreciate the extra flair!

The Leo man will love to see you looking your best, and he will be proud to show you off to his friends and family. So, turn up the heat with your style and watch as the Leo man chases you down.

8. Act Spontaneous

Leo men love adventure and spontaneity, so be sure to act on sudden impulses when you’re around them. If you feel like grabbing a bite to eat at an ethnic restaurant, go for it! If you want to take a last-minute road trip, pack your bags!

The Leo man loves surprises, and he will be thrilled when you act on your impulses. He will be drawn to your spontaneity and love the excitement of being

You can also show your spontaneity by surprising him with a gift for no particular reason. This could be something as simple as a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates, or even tickets to his favorite game. He will be surprised and delighted by your thoughtfulness.

Being spontaneous is one of the best ways to keep the Leo man interested in you. He will love all of the excitement and unpredictability that you bring into his life. So, go ahead and mix things up to keep your Leo man engaged.

9. Show Him Your Self-Confidence

Since Leo men are proud, it’s important that you show them your own self-confidence. Let him know that you’re not afraid to be yourself around him and that you’re not intimidated by his status or wealth. In fact, you’re looking forward to impressing him with your own.

Leos love a confident woman, and they are turned off by women who seem desperate or too eager. So, let your Leo man know that you’re not interested in playing games and that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know him better.

You can do this by maintaining eye contact, keeping your body language open, and being assertive in your conversations. He will appreciate your confident attitude and be drawn to you even more.

10. Seduce Him

Leo men are very sensual and love to chase their partners straight into the bedroom. Take your flirting one step further and entice your Leo man by letting him know what you’re like in between the sheets.

You’ll want to be careful with revealing just the right amount of information here. You want your Leo man to know enough so that he has a picture in his mind. However, it may not be best to give him a play-by-play of every sexual experience you’ve ever had.

If you’re able to balance this tension just right, you can bring a Leo man to his knees with anticipation and excitement. He will do anything he can to consecrate the relationship.

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Final Thoughts

It can feel intimidating to get a Leo man’s attention since they naturally enjoy being in the spotlight.

However, if you can make them laugh and show that you’re smart enough to keep up with their conversations, they’ll be chasing after you in no time! Just remember to stay true to yourself and have some fun while trying these tips.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about the Leo man and how to make him yours, then you need to check out Leo Man Secrets. This guide will give you a step-by-step approach to creating the relationship of your dreams with a Leo man.

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