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Is an Aries Man Testing You? Here Are 10 Ways to Recognize and Pass Them.

aries man testing you

If you’re wondering what it’s like to date an Aries man, you’re in for a treat! These men are passionate, energetic, and always up for a good time. They love testing their boundaries and pushing themselves to the limit.

However, if he’s considering taking the next steps towards a serious relationship, you might find your Aries man testing you to see if you’re willing to keep up with him.

Being tested by an Aries man isn’t for the faint of heart. He may start by pushing your buttons or testing your patience. If you can handle his challenges, he’ll know that you’re the one for him. However, if you crumble under pressure, he may move on to someone who can keep up with him.

If you’re not sure how to tell when Aries men are testing you, I’ll help you to navigate the ways this man may try to push your boundaries.

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what to watch out for so that you can pass his tests with flying colors!

Will an Aries Man Test You?

Aries men are quite confrontational and they love to test their partners. If they feel like you’re not meeting their standards, they’ll definitely let you know. They want to see if you can handle them at their worst, so don’t be surprised if he starts picking fights or testing your limits.

They may test you in more combative ways because Aries men are ruled by the planet Mars, which is associated with aggression. However, not all Aries men will test you in this way. Looking more deeply into your Aries man’s chart will reveal the subtleties of how he wants to make sure you’re the right match for him.

An Aries man may start testing you and playing mind games from the very start of dating. You can expect him to ask you a variety of questions and very intensely watch to see how you react to his personality.

He will want to know if you’re interesting enough to be compatible right from the beginning. The Aries man doesn’t have much patience in his partners if he feels bored.

10 Signs That Reveal if an Aries Man Tests You?

Here are ten signs that will let you know if your Aries man is testing you:

1. He Tests You to See If You Will Support Him

Aries men are the first sign of the zodiac and they want to lead the pack. He will test you to see if you’re willing to support him and follow his lead. If he feels like you’re not behind him, it may be a sign that you aren’t compatible in his mind.

You can let him know you’re supportive of him by complimenting him, asking if he needs help, or just being there for him when he needs you.

An Aries man will want a partner that naturally admires him and lets him take the lead. If you try to outshine him or compete with him, it will only push him away.

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2. He Will Start a Fight to Test Your Resolve

Aries men are known for being hot-headed and they love a good argument. He may start a fight with you just to see how you react. If you can stay calm and rational, he’ll know that you’re the one for him. However, if you lose your temper or give up easily, he’ll move on to someone who can handle his challenges.

It’s important to remember that an Aries man doesn’t like to be wrong. He may try to pick a fight with you just so he can prove that he’s right. If you can keep your cool and let him win the argument, it will only make him respect you more.

It can be challenging to find a way to do this without losing yourself in the process. The key is to stay calm and let him think he’s won, even if you know he’s wrong.

You can also try to diffuse the situation by making a joke or changing the subject. However, be careful not to do this too often or he’ll think you’re avoiding his challenges.

3. Your Aries Man Will Test Your Loyalty

As mentioned above, Aries men like to take the lead and prefer if you trust and follow them. One of the best ways to prove this to an Aries man is by showing him that you are loyal.

This looks like being regularly affectionate to him, sending him text messages each day, or simply letting him know that you’re in the relationship for the long haul.

Being direct and confident about your commitment works best for Aries men. They prefer this to indirect or implied suggestions of loyalty.

4. He Will Put You in Uncomfortable Situations

Aries men also like to test their partners by putting them in uncomfortable situations. This may be something as simple as taking you on a roller coaster when you’re afraid of heights or pushing you outside of your comfort zone sexually.

He wants to see if you can handle him at his worst and if you’re willing to accept him for that.

If you’re able to go along with his challenges, he’ll see it as a sign that you’re compatible. However, if you’re constantly pushing back or trying to change him, he’ll eventually get tired of it and move on.

5. He Will Ask About Your Plans for the Future

Although your Aries man is likely spontaneous, he doesn’t want to waste his time dating someone who doesn’t have shared goals and values. So he will ask you plenty of questions about your plans for the future to see if you’re on the same page as him.

He may ask you about what you want in your career, what your partnership goals are, if you want to have children, or a variety of other questions.

Your answers will help your Aries man to decide whether you two have a potential long-term future.

It may be hard to know what the right thing to say is in this situation.

The best approach is to be as honest as possible. Even though an Aries man may leave the relationship if he doesn’t hear the “right” answers, at least you have saved the two of you time by identifying the differences. He will also respect you for your honesty.

6. He Will Slightly Pull Away

Aries men love attention, but ironically enough, they will retreat a bit as a relationship gets more serious. This behavior is two-fold. Firstly, they pull away because they may be a bit nervous about commitment. Secondly, a common Aries man test is to withdraw to see if a woman will come chasing after him.

Aries men love to both chase others and to be chased by others. In this case, your man will test you to see if you will take the lead and pursue him. If you do, he’ll know that you’re interested in the relationship and will feel more confident about moving forward.

7. He Will Test How You Interact With Friends and Family

Your Aries man will also test how you interact with his friends and family. He wants to see if you’re someone who gets along well with others and can be a good partner in social situations. Aries men want a partner that values social relationships and can easily fit in with their friends.

They are very close to the people in their life, so if you’re able to get along with them, it will be a good sign for your relationship.

The best way to pass this test is by being yourself. Don’t try to act like someone you’re not just to impress his friends and family. They will see through it eventually and it will only make things worse. Simply put your best foot forward and try to show them that you’re a fun and warm person.

8. He Wants to See If You’re Honest

A big pet peeve for an Aries man is a lack of honesty. Aries men feel that a lack of honesty equates to a lack of loyalty. He doesn’t want a partner that he can’t trust, because he struggles with control and jealousy issues.

In order to build trust through honesty with your Aries man, you need to be open and truthful with him about your thoughts, feelings, and actions. He will likely test you in this area by asking tough questions or testing your reactions to various situations.

If you’re a private person, remember to open up a bit more than usual for the sake of the relationship. He wants to see that you’ll be vulnerable and wear your heart on your sleeve. In turn, he will give you the same vulnerability right back.

9. He Wants to See How You Handle His Jealousy

Aries men can be quite jealous, especially when they feel like they’re not getting enough attention. Some ways an Aries man expresses jealousy is by being controlling, demanding, or even aggressive. It’s important to remember that this behavior is usually a result of insecurity and not intentional cruelty.

If your Aries man starts to exhibit jealous behaviors, the best way to handle it is with patience and understanding. Show him that you’re not going anywhere by giving him plenty of love and attention. Let him know your boundaries and ask him to trust you without being too demanding.

Jealousy is a tough emotion to deal with, but if you can handle it in a healthy way, it will only make your relationship stronger.

10. He Will See If You Can Let Loose and Have Fun

Your Aries man likes to play games with his partner and have fun regularly. An Aries man tests your sense of humor and your ability to let loose by playing practical jokes or trying to make you laugh. He wants to see if you can relax and have a good time without taking things too seriously.

So, the next time your Aries man starts playfully teasing you or making jokes, don’t get offended. Instead, try to see the humor in it. You can even give him a taste of his own medicine and play a prank on him. As long as you can both laugh about it, everything will be fine.

What Keeps an Aries Man Interested?

Aries men are passionate zodiac signs and need passion and stimulation in a relationship to keep them interested. They need to feel a strong connection with their partner and know that there is potential for growth.

Aries men also appreciate a challenge, so if you can keep things exciting and fresh, he will be more likely to stick around.

Here are some other ways to keep an Aries man interested:

  • Be spontaneous and adventurous
  • Keep the conversation flowing
  • Be honest and open with your thoughts and feelings
  • Be assertive and stand up for yourself
  • Be independent and have your own hobbies and interests

If you can keep these things in mind, you will be well on your way to a successful relationship with an Aries man.

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Will Other Zodiac Men Test You As Well?

The Bottom Line

Aries men make great partners because they are passionate, loyal, and protective. Crossing the line from casually dating to being in a committed relationship is not always easy, but it can be done with a little patience and understanding.

Now that you know how an Aries will test you, you can be prepared for what’s to come. Just remember to stay honest, keep things exciting, and stand up for yourself, and you’ll be able to pass his tests and improve the relationship.

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