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How Does Cancer Man Test You? 18 Clear Ways!

how does cancer man test you

There’s no doubt that a Cancer man is one of the most intriguing signs in the zodiac. He’s mysterious, complex, and often challenging to understand. Cancer men can be hard to read, and he loves to test his partners to see what they’re made of.

Since the Cancer man’s personality tends to be moody and a bit mercurial, he will test you by constantly changing his mood and seeing how you react. If you can keep up with his ever-changing emotions, then he knows you’re a strong and capable partner who can handle anything he throws your way.

I remember when my Cancer man and I started dating, and he was always pushing my buttons. I am a bit of a hothead fire sign, so I would start to get pretty ticked off. Then, I would remember to calm down.

This wasn’t permanent, I reminded myself. It was only one of the ways that my man was deciding if he was ready for a relationship.

So now I have plenty of tips and tricks for knowing when your Cancer man is testing you, as well as a few ideas on how to pass his tests with flying colors.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Cancer man’s testing behavior. This way, you can make it through to the next round of the relationship.

How Does Cancer Man Test You?

Here are the most common tests that a Cancer man will put you through. Although these tests seem tough, remember that he’s only doing them because he wants to see if you’re really the one for him.

1. Your Patience Will Be Tested

It can take a Cancer man a long time to come around in a new relationship. He is very guarded and doesn’t like to let his shell down easily. You may have to wait for him to get comfortable enough to talk about commitment.

If you can be patient and understanding with him, then he knows you’re worth the wait. Cancer men are looking for a lifetime partner, not a fling, so he wants to make sure you are in it for the right reasons.

You can show your Cancer man that you’re patient by never pushing him to open up too soon. Give him the time and space he needs, and eventually, he’ll come around on his own.

Let him know that you’re interested in a relationship, but you’re not going anywhere in the meantime. This will give him the reassurance he needs to eventually take the relationship to the next level.

2. He Will Gauge Your Commitment

A Cancer man won’t only want to know if you’re able to wait for him. He will also need to know that you’re fully committed to the relationship once he finally does open up.

To gauge your level of commitment, he may start testing your patience (as mentioned above). He will also look for signs that you’re still seeing other people or that you’re not ready to settle down.

The best way to show your Cancer man that you’re committed is to be exclusive with him from the start. Make it clear that you’re not interested in dating anyone else, and he’ll know that you’re serious about the relationship.

You can also express your commitment by talking about your future together. Cancer men love to plan ahead, so your guy will be happy to know that you’re on the same page as him.

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3. He Will Test Your Friendliness Toward Others

How will a Cancer man test you in social situations? He will pay close attention to how you treat others. Cancer men understand mystery and emotion and can read between the lines easily.

He will watch how you interact with the server at the restaurant, the clerk at the grocery store, or the neighbor’s dog.

Was your body language warm? Did you make sure to thank the person? The Cancer will notice it all.

A Cancer man wants to know that you’re kind and compassionate, even when you’re not around him. He wants to see that you have a good heart and that you will be a great partner for life.

This can help a Cancer man to feel comfortable enough to share his nurturing side with you. He loves to dote upon and love people who are kind and deserving of it.

You can show your Cancer man that you’re a friendly person by always being polite and respectful to those around you. You can also go out of your way to help others, and he’ll be impressed by your selfless nature.

4. He’ll Want to Know if You Value Family

Cancer men are very family-centric. They like people who are willing to have deep relationships with their families. They also like partners who treat their friends like family.

He may ask questions about your family during the early stages of the relationship. He will pepper these questions in subtly by asking questions such as “when was the last time you saw your parents?”

He may be more direct and ask a question like “how good of a relationship do you have with your siblings?”

Don’t hesitate to open up to your guy about your family. Even if there are skeletons in the closet, your Cancer will appreciate your honesty. When you’re feeling comfortable enough to do so, you can invite him to meet your family.

He could test you by seeing how long it takes for you to introduce him to your family. If you two have been dating for months and haven’t made a single mention of your family, this may be a red flag for him.

5. He May Act Jealous Over Little Things

Cancer men can be jealous and controlling. This can become more frequent the longer you’re in a relationship with this sensitive and emotional male.

He may intentionally try to show you his true colors to see how you handle it. Free spirits such as Sagittarius women may find this behavior to be a complete turn-off.

However, the right match for a Cancer man will understand that his jealousy usually stems from a place of insecurity. If you can show your guy that you’re going to give him all of your attention and affection, he will calm down.

You can show your Cancer man that you’re committed by being exclusive with him from the start. It’s helpful to make sure to invite him along on plenty of activities so he doesn’t feel like you’re marginalizing him.

If you follow these steps, your Cancer man will loosen his reigns over time.

6. You’ll Be Tested On Your Passion

A Cancer will need a lot of passion in a long-term relationship. They thrive on the stuff, and without it, their relationship will eventually fizzle out.

Cancer men are looking for a partner who is just as passionate as they are. This can manifest in different ways. He may want you to be passionate about your job, your hobbies, or your relationship.

Make sure to really show him how much you care about the important parts of your life, and let him know why. Cancers love hearing what the “why” is when it comes to everything.

They want to know your reasons for the things you do, and they’ll be more likely to understand you if you take the time to explain it. It helps them to be more empathetic.

Make sure to ask him what he is passionate about in return. Although your Cancer man will be reserved initially, he has a river of emotions running through him and loves to put his heart into his work.

7. He Will Show You His Moody Side

When you date a Cancer man, it’s really like you’re dating several men at once. This is because these men have a lot of shifting moods.

One minute he may be happy and laughing, and the next he could be withdrawn and brooding. It’s really important to take the time to get to know your Cancer man’s mood swings.

It’s important for him to test you in this area because he wants to know that you will be able to handle him when he’s feeling down.

He may do things like cancel plans at the last minute or start arguments for no reason. These are all ways for him to test your patience and see how you react.

The best way to deal with a moody Cancer man is to give him space when he needs it. Let him know that you’re there for him when he’s ready to talk.

But be careful not to put up with this moody behavior endlessly. If he keeps pushing this boundary, he is likely using you or taking advantage of you.

8. He Will Test You With Questions

Cancer is an incredibly curious sign. He will ask you rapid-fire questions to make sure you’re an open book and enjoy the vigorous conversation.

These questions may start out lightly, and he may ask you things such as where you grew up or what your favorite food is.

But eventually, he will start to ask more personal questions. He may want to know about your family dynamic or your relationship history.

Cancer men use these questions as a way to get to know you better. But he’s also testing you to see if you’re open and able to answer them without tripping up.

This is also a way that Cancer men test for honesty. He may ask you different variations of the same question to see if you’ll make small changes to your story.

He will hang on to these little details and use them to judge your character if you change the story later on. So, it’s important to be as honest as possible with your Cancer man.

9. He’ll Be Waiting to See if You Text

Cancer men love knowing that you’re thinking of them when they’re not there. You may have noticed your Cancer man hasn’t been sending many messages your way lately.

This isn’t necessarily because he isn’t interested in talking to you. It’s more likely that he’s waiting to see when you’ll reach out to him.

So go ahead and do it! You can ask him how his day is going, let him know you’re thinking of him, or simply say a quick “good morning”.

Better yet, you can commit to messaging him on a regular schedule. For example, you could send him a “good morning” text every day.

This way, you’ll stay on his mind and he won’t have to wonder if you’re thinking of him. It’s a win-win!

10. He May Flirt With Others to See What You’ll Do

Cancer men are known for their flirting skills. And while this may be one of the ways he shows his interest in you, it can also be a way to test you.

He may flirt with other women (or men) to see how you’ll react. This is his way of seeing if you’re the jealous type or if you’ll be cool with him flirting.

It’s not that he expects you to be ok with him being interested in other women. In fact, if the shoe was on the other foot, your Cancer man would likely be very upset.

He wants to test your confidence levels by doing this. So hold your ground and let him know that you’re not ok with him entertaining other romantic interests. But at the same time, let him know you’re comfortable and confident with yourself and don’t stress about competition.

Make sure he doesn’t overdo it. If he can’t help himself and keeps flirting with others, especially your friends, he will likely be a player for the rest of the relationship.

11. You’ll Get the Silent Treatment

Friends, family members, and past partners are all familiar with the silent treatment from this man. The crab can be moody and withdrawn, often for no reason.

When he’s in one of these funks, the best thing you can do is give him his space. But don’t wait around forever for him to come out of it.

If he’s giving you the silent treatment, it’s likely because he wants to see how long you’ll put up with it. He may be testing your patience or trying to see if you have the ability to comfort him.

If he’s giving you the silent treatment, try reaching out to him and asking what’s wrong. Try to figure out what you can do to make him feel better. If you can find something that will cheer him up, he will likely come out of his funk much quicker.

12. He Will Assess How Fair the Relationship Is

Cancers can give a lot of time and energy to their relationships once they’re committed. But they also like to feel like they’re getting just as much in return. This way they don’t run the risk of being taken advantage of.

This is why your Cancer man may assess how fair the relationship is from time to time. He wants to make sure that he’s putting in just as much effort as you are.

So make sure you don’t let him pick up all the slack. Offer to split dinners, and on occasion, offer to pay. Pick him up in your own car for dates and offer to help him out with any errands he may need.

This way he’ll feel like you’re truly invested in the relationship and not just taking advantage of him.

13. He Will See How Hard a Worker You Are

Cancer rules the 10th house of careers in astrology. This means that their career is very important to them.

Cancers may test their partners by trying to find out what their work ethic is. They’ll also want to know whether your work is meaningful.

Cancer people like to put a lot of heart and soul into everything they do. They aren’t just looking for the paycheck, but rather the fulfillment that comes with a job well done.

If you’re not working towards something you’re passionate about, he may start to lose interest. So it’s important to be honest with him about your career goals and what you hope to achieve.

15. He Will Engage You In Deep Conversations

Cancer men are known for their ability to engage in deep conversations. Much like Scorpio men, they like to talk about their feelings and they’re also very good at listening.

This is one of the ways he tests you. He wants to see if you’re able to have a meaningful conversation with him. He will ask you about your hopes, dreams, and fears.

Cancer men also like to talk about their families and their childhoods. So be prepared to share some stories from your own life with him.

If you can engage in a deep conversation with him, he will know that you’re someone he can truly connect with on a deeper level.

16. He Will Introduce You to Friends and Family

Cancer men make deep bonds with the people in their lives. Although they are slow to accept someone into their inner circle, once they do, that person is there for life.

If your man invites you out with friends or even family, he is trying to test you and see how compatible you are with the people in his life.

Cancer men are very loyal to their loved ones and they want to make sure that you’re someone who will treat them right. On the other hand, he also wants to see how his friends and family react to you.

If they like you, it’s a good sign that he sees potential in the relationship. If they don’t, he may start to have doubts.

17. He Asks About Your Opinions

Over time, your man will become more curious about you. Once you’ve had the fundamental relationship conversations, he will start to ask about your values and worldview.

He will ask you questions under the surface, beyond discussing your job, hobbies, or friends. He wants to see what your opinions are as well as your values in life.

If you have a strong sense of self and are willing to share, he will be impressed. However, if you’re unsure of yourself or waver in your beliefs, he may start to question whether you two are compatible in the long run.

18. He Shares Deep Feelings and Thoughts

The final test that a Cancer man will put you through is sharing his deepest thoughts and feelings with you. This is the ultimate sign of trust and intimacy.

This man is very guarded when it comes to his emotions. Cancers don’t open up easily to just anyone. So, if he’s willing to share his innermost thoughts with you, it’s a surefire sign that he loves and trusts you.

However, this can be one of his tests as well. He may be gauging how you react to his vulnerability. If you respond with love and understanding, he knows that you’re someone he can count on.

But if you dismiss his feelings or make him feel like he’s not being heard, he may start to pull away from you.

Signs a Cancer Man Is Serious About You

When a Cancer is serious about you, he will try to make the relationship work out at all costs. This sign isn’t afraid to deal with the tougher parts of the relationship. He wants to make sure that you’re compatible for the long haul.

You’ll notice your Cancer partner being more communicative. He will want to introduce you to friends and family and be more open with his emotions. These are all signs that he’s serious about you and the relationship.

He will also be more attuned to your needs and will go out of his way to make sure that you’re happy. If you’re with a Cancer man who is showing you these signs, chances are he’s in it for the long run.

Signs a Cancer Man Doesn’t Like You

Your Cancer crush will start to distance himself from you both emotionally and physically if he’s not interested. He may also become more guarded and closed off. If you notice him pulling away, it’s a sign that he’s not interested in the relationship anymore.

He may also start to nitpick everything you do and say. He’s looking for any excuse to end the relationship without directly telling you. Cancer men can also be very moody and withdraw into themselves when they’re not interested in someone anymore.

If your Cancer man is showing any of these signs, it’s best to move on. Chances are, he’s not interested in continuing the relationship.

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The Bottom Line: Cancer Man Tests

Cancer men are complex creatures but they ultimately just want to find someone that they can trust and connect with on a deep level. If you can pass his tests, he will know that you’re someone special and worth pursuing a relationship with.

Just be yourself, stay honest, and be patient – the rewards will be well worth it in the end.

We’ve only unpacked a few of the many tests a Cancer man will put you through, but these should give you a good idea of what to expect.

If you’re ready to learn everything there is to know about this potent and mysterious sign, you’ll love Cancer Man Secrets. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to attract this man into your life.

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